Thursday, November 10, 2022

California Indian Tribes LOSE BIG on Prop. 26

 It was a RESOUNDING NO, for expanded gaming on California Indian lands.

Voters have rejected Proposition 26, according to a race call from the Associated Press. Of the 4,719,819 ballots counted, 70% were against and 30% were in favor of the measure, which would have legalized in-person sports gambling at California’s racetracks and tribal casinos.  There was HUGE spending on this initiative by both sides.  The tribes could have helped a LOT of native people with the lobbying money.

Since the tribes didn't follow through on their last promises with Prop. 5 expansion, why give them another chance to lie and cheat Californians.

The initiative was being promoted for the funding it promised to funnel through tax revenues to help the homeless, the mentally ill and and poorer tribes that haven't been enriched by casinos.

The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office found both initiatives would increase state revenues but it was unclear by how much. Proposition 26 could bring in tens of millions of dollars while Proposition 27 could bring in hundreds of millions, the office said.  

Gavin Newsom couldn't support bringing in hundreds of millions??


Anonymous said...

Whoops someone forgot to drop off Newsoms wheel barrow!

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Thank you to all the veterans especially Joesph and Madison Fisher who fought in the Civil war and James Fowler Viet Nam Chuck Stanton Korean War.