Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Disappearing Indians PART IV: Steve Russell Series

Steve Russell continues his disenrollment series for Indian Country Today today discussing how tribes are continuing to eliminate their own people.  Now over  11,000 Natives decimated...


Disenrollments over greed for casino cash (See Carving the Billion $$ Buffalo) to make the slices of per cap pie bigger threaten the very sovereignty that made the casino lawful in the first place. The attack ads where the modern Indian fighters claim discrimination against white people write themselves.
What irony could possibly make those appear small by comparison? Indians survived. Indians survived hundreds of years of homicidal policies only to use their remaining sovereign power to enact suicidal policies. The best efforts of the colonists to terminate us came a cropper and we invented ways to terminate ourselves.

READ THE REST OF Steve's article HERE: Disappearing Indian IV  
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