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FOLLOW the MONEY Carved From the Disenrollment Buffalo

Steve Russell wrote an article on Carving the New Buffalo and how Tribal Gaming has impacted disenrollment.  We just posted on how disenrollment has affected over 11,000 Native Americans under the BIA's guidance/avoidance.   Here we discuss exactly HOW BIG THAT BUFFALO is.

NEARLY ONE BILLION DOLLARS, have been stolen by corrupt tribal councils and their leaders, including Mark Macarro of Pechanga and Robert Smith of Pala and the STOOGES, Reggie Lewis and Nancy Ayala of Chukchansi, among others.   Congress turns a blind eye, the Justice Department IGNORES the theft, and all allow tribes to claim, "it's NOT about the MONEY

The loss of tribal citizenship includes the loss of Federal recognition of Native Americans. Corrupt tribes are harming their own.That's something the Bureau of Indian Affairs, led here in California by Amy Deutschke, buries their heads in the sand to avoid.  They have avoided their duty to protect Native Americans.

Tribes claim disenrollments and moratoriums weren't about the money, but the figures don't lie.   The Cherokee Nation is excluding descendents of their OWN SLAVES, which by treaty, should be in the tribe.  WHY?  Because 25,000 is a huge number even if the benefits are small.

We first wrote about this story in January 2011, and many of the numbers have been revised upward. We have passed the 10 year mark for the Redding Rancheria, which terminated the rights of their first Chairman, Robert Foreman.  And for the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians

Follow the Money....>

From the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula CA:

The Hunter family has lost $2,501,000 per person, in per capita payments alone. We arrived at that figure by taking the last full year of per capita $268,000/12 months ($22,333) and multiplying that loss times 112 months of disenrollment. 95 adults at the time of disenrollment equals:  $237,626,000

The Apis/Manuela Miranda family was disenrolled two years prior in 2004, our previous posts mistakenly put their disenrollment in 2005. The per capita was slightly less, about $17,000 per month times 136 months of termination: $2, =312,000 multiply by 135 adults equals:  $312,120,000

Add some NOW, for the 100 or so children who would have reaced the age of majority and you are looking at another $100 million in per capita and benefits.

Moratorium People NEVER shared in what was rightfully theirs. In fact, Pechanga's Enrollment Committee worked hard to KEEP them from their rightful place.  This of this, HAD the Tosobol descendants alone been  included, 80 who may have reduced the first six years of per capita to say $140,000 total. That's an additional $11 MILLION..

The per capita at Pechanga went up to $360,000 per year for those remaining after elimination of 25% of Pechanga’s tribal citizens.

From the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians in Coarsegold, CA:

In the case of Chukchansi Gold, the casino had been averaging $5 million per month in payments to the Tribe over the 61 months  leading to 2009 (as reported to me by a former Tribal Council member). Not as per capita, but as benefits, housing stipends, heating.
The tribe disenrolled 625 members whose share would be $3,200 per month. This equates to $124,000,000 stolen. They have an additional 300 members Total ESTIMATE:  $154,000,000

Lets add what we have so far:

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians: $550 MILLION Includes additional $25 Million in Health Insurance.   Per capita losses are $200,000 PER DAY. These totals do not include lost education assistance, tribal jobs, nor does it account for family members that  attained the age of majority since extermination and moratorium people.   New total would be $660 MILLION!

Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi: $ 154.0 MILLION Money is from share of dollars casino sends to tribe per person will grow with 200 just receiving ejection letters..

Redding Rancheria: $ 46 MILLION Totals being tabulating but includes tribal JOBS lost.

Mooretown Rancheria: $14 MILLION   Housing, benefits

Guidiville Rancheria:  $550,000  Revenue allocations lost

Enterprise Rancheria: $4.2 MILLION No Per Capita. Tribe gets revenue allocation. Losses include housing help.

Pala Band of Luiseno Indians: $72.1 MILLION. Per Capita loss for 160 members ejected, includes healthcare.   corrected 8/5/15

United Auburn $4 MILLION per year projection is for 2 years. and growing by 180 K per month

San Pascual    $22 MILLION in losses for three years of Alto family’s ouster.

Shingle Springs Miwok  $1 million  lost

Laytonville Rancheria $2.6 million lost over 20 years.

Nooksack Tribe: $400,000 so far, not included wasted attorney’s fees.

$974,000,000 and I am SURE that number can be increased if some disenrolled Tribal members will clarify some information

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