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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chukchansi Elections 2015: "Impartial" Screening Service IDRS...Not so Much?

Our friend  and Chukchansi Warrior Woman Cathy Cory posted a letter she sent to IDRS questioning their fair and impartial handling of the upcoming elections at the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians.   

I have sent the following inquiry to the company "Indian Dispute Resolution Services", which has (as some of you may not know) been hired by the current "bia approved prci tribal council" to both screen/approve tribal council candidates for election and oversee verification of registered voters/election results for the october 3rd, 2015 election at picayune:
"Interesting, that your company, Indian Dispute Resolution Services, is now hired to be used to screen candidates for tribal council at Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, and oversee a "clean slate" election, verification of voters, etc. there...How can that be seen as in any way "impartial"? Joyce Burel, on staff at your company since 1996 (by your own admission) is both a current candidate for office at Picayune and a direct lineal relation to those of the "Lewis Faction" at Picayune. Sounds ANYTHING but "impartial" to me...Can anyone say "conflict of interest"?
I would suggest the general council of picayune, the PEOPLE, seriously object to these circumstances, and DEMAND a fair and impartial entity be employed to oversee what is supposed to be a "clean slate" election at picayune--NOT "more of the same corruption, business as usual" type of antics which the current tribal council at PRCI appears to be determined to continue today, despite their claims to the contrary....

We posted BEFORE on the appearance of impropriety, or at least the lack of impartiality here: Chukchansi Leadership Dispute PART TWO: Joyce Burel IDRS Mediator, Relation to Reggie Lewis, Sides with...REGGIE LEWIS you smell the stink yet??


Anonymous said...

well here we go again! strap on your seatbelts boys and girls and enjoy the ride! can we place a bet to see how long before we have a repeat of the mess that has brought us to the place that we are currently in. I haven't figured how these people are allowed to do what they do.

White Buffalo said...

If it quacks like a duck...

Seems like there are those in this tribe who think that the members are that easily lead. I hope this tribe discovers there is more to a tribe than a casino and per capita check. Being a member of a tribe takes work and if the tribe is to succeed every member must make an effort to make the tribe work. These people who are hurting your tribe are betting that there will be no one to challenge them or put in the effort to confront them with the truth or an alternate plan to bring the tribe together.

Anonymous said...

White Buffalo, You know what they say about a rotten apple… Unfortunately all it takes is enough followers of that rotten apple to cause problems for the rest. And, some will follow in hope and desperation of getting their jobs back at the casino.

Reggie should be placed on the wall of shame here. His recent statements that they can’t just snap their fingers and bring back the disenrolled, and we can’t let them come in and vote show his intention is pure selfishness, to control and rig the election. Not that things were great before, but it is his hissy-fit since losing the last real election that exacerbated the strife.

Wendy Owen said...
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