Friday, August 28, 2015

UPDATE: SIGNS ARE DOWN! Deer Creek Mackinaw High School, in IL thinks SCALP 'EM is Appropriate?

Looks like a local high school wants to keep their kids in the fighting spirit. They think signs like this are appropriate? But be a lot of history failures at the school. The school superintendent said that it wasn't on school grounds, so there's nothing he could do about it. HOW ABOUT RAISING YOUR VOICE,

One school mother said:   The negative inferences are disturbing. They do not realize that the use of their mascot is an honor and privilege and comes with responsibility to portray it in a positive way.

Deer Creek Mackinaw High School, HOME OF THE CHIEFS, has them all over town.  Great thing to teach their children.   Here is the contact information:  
Superintendent:  SCOTT DEARMAN
Deer Creek-Mackinaw CUSD 701 | 401 E. 5th St. Mackinaw, IL 61755 | Phone: (309)359-8965 | Fax:(309)359-5291


I received this message from the Principal:

Dear Mr. Cuevas,
Please know that the signs were not posted by the school or the students.  They were posted by an outside group and the school had no prior knowledge, nor did we grant permission to anyone to do so.  It has always been the intent of the district to honor the Native American heritage of our community.  The signs are down!  It is hard to apologize for the actions of others, but I do with all sincerity.
Mary Lanier



Why not? It's better then least there Alive.."balled"...but Alive....

Phil Cuevas said...

Scalping wasn't a native tradition. We learned it from the white man!