Monday, August 17, 2015

Disenrolling Tribes GUILTY of ELDER & Ancestor ABUSE

What is Elder Abuse?

According to the California State Bar Association:
It is the neglect, exploitation or “painful or harmful” mistreatment of anyone who is 65 or older (or any disabled dependent adult aged (18 to 64). It can involve physical violence, psychological abuse, isolation, abandonment, abduction, false imprisonment or a caregiver’s neglect. It could also involve the unlawful taking of a senior’s money or property.
Matilda Smith 87 years old
Hunter Family Elder
Great Granddaughter of Paulina Hunter 

In short, elder abuse involves various crimes, such as theft, assault or identity theft, that strike victims of all ages. But when the victim is 65 years old or older (or a disabled dependent adult), the criminal faces stiffer penalties.
Matilda was 75 years old when the Pechanga tribal council, abandoned her, unlawfully taking this senior's money, health care, voting rights and her rights as an allottee, and dishonoring a tribal elder.   At that time, yahoos and felons in the back corner of the room were hollering for disenrolled elders to "GET A JOB"

Hunter Elder Matilda Smith, now 87 years old, recalled being on the reservation in the late 1930’s. “It was a long trip to get there, especially in those days”. “But that is where our roots were, my grandmother loved it there.” Her grandmother was Mary Ann Miller, daughter of Paulina Hunter, an original allottee of the Temecula Reservation known as Pechanga.  Up to her disenrollment, she was attending meetings, travelling out from OKLA 'freaking" HOMA to support the tribe and family.

Similar stories can be found in other families. The Tosobol family has brothers that are 80 and 75 years old, Manuel (recently passed) and Mike, who are denied access to their property. The wife of one member actually called the tribal rangers to have some Tosobol members banished from the reservation (isolation and abandonment). The Manuela Mirandas have the most senior elders of those abused by the tribe. Michael Salinas was over 90 years old when he walked on without justice, and others born shortly after Prohibition began.

These stories predate the coming of a casino, but the abuse came after.

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro is directly responsible for what happened to hundreds of people, and a significant portion are elders.  Next time you hear about him giving praise to elders of the tribe, keep in mind what he did to many of them.  John Macarro couldn't even give the courtesy of a congratulations to elder Lawrence Madariaga when he was awarded a Silver Feather Award, until he was goaded into it...


Anonymous said...

Pechanga also tried to stop the actions of others and voted on a petition to accept ALL members currently enrolled. Macarro was chairman of the Band then also. He said this petition will keep ALL currently enrolled members enrolled. The petition passed when the band voted, however after the vote the council allowed the faction who started everything to follow through and dishonor custom and tradition and disenrolled the Hunter clan. Pechanga, is this the way our Ancestors treated each other? Did our leaders always threaten others if they tried to stop factions from dishonoring the band?

Anonymous said...

pala's Robert Smith isn't even going to wait for the Bureau of Indian Affairs to back his game. He is proposing an ordinance that will give him complete authority over tribal assignments. He will be able to pick and choose who can live on the reservation. Does he really think that the General Council is that stupid to surrender this power to him? If they do then they get what they deserve. Just another step forward in Smith's long march to total dictatorship and total corruption.

Anonymous said...

Matilda Smith Hunter, is still a Pechanga Elder. She knows more about the Tribe's History than any Macarro ever did. Just because Mark & John Macarro took away her Tribal Benefits doesn't mean they took away her Pechanga BLOOD! She has knowledge about the True Temecula Natives that is incomparable to anyone claiming to be Pechanga. She has hundreds of documents proving her ancestry that coincides with Pechanga's oral history, the true Indian way. Dr. John Johnson found her knowledge incomparable to any living Tribal Member, and truly appreciated her knowledge of the Tribe's TRUE HISTORY. She is ONE of the Greatest assets to the Hunter Family!

Anonymous said...

Pechanga does make mistakes but there are REASONS to band people. But there is no reason to wish the down fall of OTHER tribal members. Like the ones that are innocent and have no say in this!! Dont EVER say that my tribe is doing things like this for no god dang reason!! There are ALWAYS two sides of the story.

White Buffalo said...

It is a lot of money, yet the loss of historical, and ancestral ties to the land and people can not be measured in dollar amounts.

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Modern generation seriously lack respect even parents. If you respect elder people in your young age then will also receive respect and honor in your last part of life.