Friday, August 21, 2015

Twila Barnes Laments The Lack of Caring in the Cherokee Government and Bill John Baker

My friend Twila Barnes from the blog Thoughts From Polly's Granddaughter has a story up on the helpless feeling when you see a native in need. Is it falling through the cracks, or have the cracks become canyons that make some invisible?

 Below is a post from Thursday, January 29, 2015. This woman is still waiting for help. Her allergies are so bad, she is having numerous secondary health problems now. The day after the election, after the results were announced, I sent her a message telling her who won. She responded, "Well, I guess there's no hope for me now."

I nearly broke down in tears. As much as I wanted to tell her we could get her the help she desperately needed, I knew I couldn't promise that.

I truly believe this woman is a national treasure. She speaks our language and has since birth. At the rate we are losing speakers of the Cherokee language, we MUST do all we can to protect those who still speak our native tongue as their first language. We MUST utilize the knowledge of these Cherokees to revitalize our language or we are going to lose it.

I would like to believe that our chief, Bill John Baker, cares enough about the people to step in and say, "We have to do something to help this sick woman." Sadly, I don't think he will do it. I don't think Baker is going to do anything to help anyone unless they worked on his campaign, donated to his campaign, or has something to offer him in exchange for his helping them.

If Chief Baker truly cares about the people he was elected to serve, he will act to help this woman, a woman who has nothing to offer him personally, but who has much to offer us as a nation. I don't think he will do it.

The ball's in your court now, Chief Baker. Prove me wrong

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Anonymous said...

Do They KNOW this woman?

CONNIE from CN HS can help, right? Isn't that what she's supposed to do??

Twila said...

Connie probably does know the woman since she's talked to her several times. The woman decided to release her name publicly so it is out there now, but Baker's mouthpiece has already said the woman won't get help because she's "my friend." Um, isn't that exactly what I said in the blog post? Either you support Baker politically or you don't get help? It doesn't get much clearer than that.

Sandee said...

Grow a set and stop with the anonymous

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Anonymous said...

?Bill John Baker. Sounds like the name of a man that would be married to his own sister or some thing. Is this the guy that got circumsized when they kicked his cousin in the chin?

Unknown said...

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