Friday, August 7, 2015


In the last 20 years or so, close to one billion dollars has been stolen from Native Americans! 

Actor and Activist Joseph C. Phillips discusses Tribal Disenrollment on his website

So what’s new?  “Whitey” has been stealing from “Indians” since they arrived on these shores.  Well, what’s new is that this time the thieving is being done by other Native Americans and the theft is achieved through a device known as tribal disenrollment.  


is the term used when some members of the tribe decide that other members of the tribe are no longer members of the tribe.  Sometimes disenrollment occurs when members can’t provide proof of their lineage, or membership in the tribe prior to some specified date.  However, disenrollment also occurs when one faction of a tribe takes power and rewrites rules, thus excluding opposition factions.  Previous tribal chairmen or board members have been disenrolled simply for being on the wrong side of a political issue or daring to buck the system.

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Anonymous said...

$100,000,000 has been stolen from the San Pasqual descendants since 2005/2006

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee you that number is totally absolutely absurd and wrong. Were you included in the Compact? Were you on a supplemental roll approved by the federal government? Were you registered as a San Pasqual Indian? If you can't answer yes to any of these questions than you are not owed $100,000,000. You should probably look up the definition of stolen. You never had any rights in the first place.

Wendy Owen said...
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