Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pechanga Corruption: Cosentino Attorney RESPONDS to Pechanga Gaming Commission's Attorney Frank Lawrence

WOW, and you thought Ronda Rousey was tough.   Here's Attorney Andrew Twietmeyer's response to defendants attorney Frank Lawrence's request for depublishing the decision that the appeal's court thoughtfully rendered.

Cosentino vs. Fuller should not be stricken from our state's case law based on the summary, slap-dash, ill-informed and (now) deliberately misleading arguments that have surfaced in the numerous depublication requests filed in this Court.  Defendants' disgraceful Request is the most potent illustration of why Cosentino vs. Fuller was correctly decided, for, if Defendants arguments had any merit Defendants would not need to fabricate law and evidence to support their position. Cosentino vs. Fuller should remain published. 

Geez, tell us what you REALLY think, Mr. Twietmeyer...   READ his opposition response:

Oppostion response on Turtle Talk


icitall said...

Only the truly corrupt need to keep their secrets secret.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right!

Wendy Owen said...
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