Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pechanga Smackdown! Andy Masiel vs. Mark Macarro


The battle for Chairman of the Pechanga Tribe will be: Andrew Masiel, current council member and son of the mother who disenrolled a hundred other Pechanga Mothers and the uncle of a man recently FIRED for stealing from Pechanga employees and Mark Macarro, handpicked chairman of the CPP and Splinter Group, known for his incredible shrinking tribe and bad temper.

In this corner: Evil "Andy" Masiel His opponent: Little Evil "Mark" Macarro

Who will the the tribe choose, the shorter, er, lesser of two evils in Macarro, or the big evil, the man who was part of the splinter group who broke up the tribe, something the Spanish, the whites couldn't do?

Stay TUNED for more, but I'll bet Mark would LOVE to have 300 votes back.

Mark, overturn your decision not follow the will of the people NOW and rescind the disenrollments!
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