Monday, June 2, 2008

Temecula AGAINST Pechanga's Land Transfer and Darrell Issa's HR 2963! UPDATE


The City of Temecula has sent a letter to Rep. Darrell Issa in opposition to HR2963, which is a land transfer to the Pechanga Band of Unconstitutional Indians. The reason: Pechanga LIED about their last land transfer, that we discussed HERE. Pechanga said that they wanted the last land transfer to preserve the cultural resources and according the the letter from the city of Temecula:

In 2004, the City was supportive of HR 4908 (Issa) but did request that if in the future the Band's plans for the area changed, the Tribe consult with the City to ensure that all local issues are appropriately addressed. As a result, we are more concerned now because these opens space areas now contain the Pechanga tribe's golf course. These land uses were "wswitched out" irrespective of the representations made in teh federal environmental documentation.

In other words for Pechanga, "a lie is as good as the truth, if you can get someone to believe it."

The city of Temecula believs a strong and accountable enforcement provision is necessary. We've been saying that for quite a while about the Indian Civil Rights Act that Pechanga cares nothing about.

City of Temecula Leaders... won't you join the disenfranchised Pechanga people who have lost their citizenship (not membership) in Pechanga? Or, does it only bother you when a golf course ruins your view? Time to stand up for what is right.

UPDATE: The process calls for Pechanga to get 1200 additional acres from the rest of the United States. Perhaps they should get the parcel reduced by..say..25%, since that is how much they have reduced their tribal citizenship. NO LAND FOR PECHANGA until they restore the civil rights they took away from the people.

Contact Info for Darrell Issa:

San Diego County Office1800 Thibodo Road, #310Vista, CA 92081phone: 760-599-5000 fax: 760-599-1178

Washington D.C. Office211 Cannon HouseOffice BuildingWashington, DC 20515phone: 202-225-3906 fax: 202-225-3303


PHunter said...

I hope the city of Temecula continues to put the pressure on a neighbor that has lied through their teeth to them.

Advise your citizens to STAY AWAY from the sovereign nation of Pechanga. Is the pittance they give to schools worth this mess?

Does it make up for the bad acts they've done to Temecula people?

OPechanga said...

I DO think that the city has finally realized that Pechanga is not the good neighbor they pretend to be.
The City needs to be more vocal in its opposition.
They should inform the citizens of Temecula about what Pechanga has done. Liars may prosper for a little while, but it can't last forever.

Anonymous said...

Darrell Issa is nothing but a tool ...

Check his campaign fund for Pechanga donations.

Anonymous said...

Question, didn't Mark Macarro testify to a congressonal committee that the tribe wanted the land put into trust to protect the natural state of this land that there would be no development of any kind because the land was of cultural significance to the Luiseno people?

Once again, what cultural signficance, golf?

Isn't it a federal crime to lie to a congressonal committee?

I guess Macarro could claim that Pechanga invented the game of golf so that is why it is of cultural signficance!

Anonymous said...

Did Mark Macarro lie to a congressional committee so that the Pechanga tribe could get land put into trust that the Pechanga golf course now sits on?

I'll let the record speak for itself.


MARK MACARRO: The sole purpose of the acquisition is the preservation and protection of Luiseno people's natural and cultural resources. The Pechanga Band is committed to protecting and preserving the invaluable and irreplaceable cultural resources of the Pechanga and Luiseno people.”

RESOURSES COMMITTEE: “Chairman Macarro, does the Pechanga Tribe have any plans for development of any kind on the Great Oak Ranch property?"

Mr. Macarro: "No, we don't. As stated in our application to Interior/BIA, we stated or have designated there is no change of use in the property, and the intended use and purpose is to preserve and protect the resources that are there.”

RESOURCES COMMITTEE: “Mr. Chairman, does the tribe plan to use the Great Oak Ranch for gaming purposes or any purposes other than what you have just outlined? "

Mr. Macarro. No, the tribe does not.”