Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Governator KNEW! SYCUAN:Compact not signed; $30 Million Shortfall to California.

UPDATE: Curiously, Sycuan donated $45,000 to Arnold backed initiatives last November. The Gov says that's a CO-incidence. Believe it or don't. More in the LA TIMES article HERE:

$30 MILLION in 4 months LOST to Californians because SYCUAN LIED to us. We know they all LIED to us about the amount we would get, but it's amazing that the government didn't TELL us that Sycuan didn't sign the compact yet.

Oh, yeah, Pechanga, have you paid your bill YET?

Sycuan withholds gambling pact OK Long a secret, the delay is costing state millions Cost State $8 million per month; Shwarzenegger KNEW before the Vote
By James P. Sweeney

SACRAMENTO – As four California Indian tribes waged one of the most expensive ballot fights in U.S. history last winter, they promised that gambling deals hanging in the balance would pay the state a huge bounty, more than $10 billion over 23 years.
To collect, voters had to approve the four big compacts, the tribes urged in a $100 million media blitz.
But one of the tribes was keeping a secret – it had not yet approved its own gaming agreement, even though a deadline to do so had long since passed.

The Sycuan band of El Cajon still has not ratified its revised compact, and the delay is expected to cost the state at least $30 million, the Schwarzenegger administration recently disclosed.

Story HERE EDITED to take out Soboba in my first line.

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Anonymous said...

Why should California tribes, who have been integral to the economic growth of California since 1789, have to pay money to CA in order to operate businesses guaranteed through tribal soverignty. California tribes have been denied economic opportunites for over two centuries and have been neglected by State and Federal govternments that whole time. Now since tribes have exercised the insight and right to economically develop their communities they need, or must, be burdened with the States economic debt? Does not make sense, the state-tribal compacts already constrain the limited scope of tribal soverignty, an economic necessity to give to the state is further encroachment on tribal soverign rights, but if history repeats-California tribes will continue to be the backbone of CA economic success and prosperity, just as they always have been. Shame on you for disparaging tribal development and discouraging full tribal soverign expressiona nd economic freedom within a contemporary system that continually subordinates all tribal soverign expressions, when possible, and therefore limits tribal and individual rights to freedom.