Sunday, June 1, 2008

UPDATE: Sheriff's Union recommends AVOIDING SOBOBA. Avoid Pechanga TOO.

UPDATE: Tribal leadership says the Soboba Casino is still safe to visit.
"The Tribe does not want to bring the public into controversy. We understand that this has become a political agenda and we are only committed to reporting the facts," said Rose Salgado, a member of the Soboba Tribal Council, in an e-mail. "The recent tragic events were unrelated to the Casino and had no impact on the safety or welfare of either Casino patrons or employees."
OP: Translation: "The bullets missed."

Citing safety concerns, the Riverside County Sheriffs Union (RSA) recommends it's members STAY AWAY from Soboba:

"Due to the recent violence against Riverside County Deputy Sheriff's, and a concern that the situation remains unstable for RSA members as well as the general public, RSA is recommending that its members and the general public avoid the Soboba Casino for their off-duty leisurely activities."

I'd recommend the same thing. It's dangerous there for patrons, luckily, none were killed by a stray bullet. Additionally, I'd recommend staying away from Pechanga due to their immoral behavior in violating the civil rights of their citizens.
The only thing these enterprises will respond to is loss of YOUR hard-earned money to make some behavioral changes.


stand your ground said...

Avoiding the Soboba and the Pechanga Casino is a good idea. I have seen Pechanga hoodlums doing their superior ACT and i am avoiding the Soboba and of course i will never gamble at the Pechanga Casino, simply because Mark Macarro is in charge there and he has permitted the disenrollments and moratorium. On the other hand Chairman Salgado is a good man but has no control over the tribes hoodlums. I hope that the change comes real soon at Pechanga as well at Soboba.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to Pechanga anymore, even though I do like their steakhouse.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should hire some contest eaters to take on the buffet at Pechanga, or, at least, pay for their training meals.

Imagine the drain of their profits?

Anonymous said...

You should find out what happen at soboba first. Apparently your facts are a bit twisted.