Monday, June 16, 2008

Pechanga Per Capita payments at $30,500 Mo. After Eliminating 25% of the Tribe

I find MANY people are google searching Original Pechanga's blog and looking for how much per capita Pechanga is making.

To clarify for those looking, the per capita for Pechanga, since they terminated two large families has jumped from $10,000 per month, to $30,500 per month. And, this does not include the quarterly bonuses. CPP members say it's about correcting the membership rolls, but, then, you do the math.

Now, expect to see in the comments that someone or two will say that we are whining because we lost our per capita. Loss of income has been difficult, especially for the elders, who are in the unhirable age, or disabled. However, there were 400 or so OTHER rightful Pechanga, the Moratorium people that are also deserving of their share of the sun.

This was NOT what we understood self-reliance was. Terminating Indians of their own tribe, is more disgusting, especially when it was done by those we adopted INTO the tribe.

UPDATED to ADD: Also, the Pechanga Tribal Council pays OVER $90,000 per year. Any wonder why they wanted to remove two large voting blocs? Of course, as a spokesman, Macarro is a "useful idiot" because his public persona belies the temper tantrums he throws on the rez.


Anonymous said...

You are fortunate that someone doesn't sue you for spreading false information.

OPechanga said...

Which part do you consider false?

And the depositions will be interesting, won't they?

And if you are talking about the per capita, feel free to post a check stub.

Thanks for visiting, please keep coming back.

Creeper said...

Hmm, are they getting a little touchy at Pechanga ? You know those non- bloods don't like it when we tell the truth. They are stealing from the Hunters and the Apish, true Pechanga Indians, although they will never admit to that.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Sue us? Go ahead and make our day! These Chicken shits don't even have the guts to look us in the eyes! They can only sneek up behind you and stab you in the back....

And if anything might be untrue about the statements here it would be that the per cap amounts quoted were to low.

And I will use my name. I don't need to hide behind anonymous.....

Anonymous said...

Does Larry Miranda who stole money from Pechanga and Employees of the Casino still getting per capita? Or has the tribe disenrolled him for cause?

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it, WHY they haven't tried to shut us up. They have to be losing millions with the bad publicity, and they have the BIG money to pay for some real big gun attorneys.

Is it because they know they are in the wrong, and if it was brought before a real impartial judge that they would lose?

OPechanga said...

No wondering by me.

1. We speak the truth
2. They don't care what we say, they have the politicians in their pockets
3. They know we can only wage a small time war like this.
4. They don't want the added negative publicity
5. They don't want the truth to get out.

Anonymous said...

6. When it comes to facing us heag on they are cowards.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that money is ours from the casino, and we're gonna keep it.

You got kicked out, so quit crying. What have you done since you've been out? Go do something else.

Anonymous said...

What is anyone going to sue us for?

Can someone sue us for saying Mark Macarro told a United States congressional committee that Pechanga wasn't going to do any changes to the Great Oak Ranch land that was put into trust?

Oh that's right, Mr. Macarro's testimony to the resources committee is in the congressional record dated April 17, 2002 and isn't tearing up the hills around the Great Oak in 2007 to put in a golf couurse development?

Development that Macarro said would not be done because there were irreplacable cultural resources of the Pechanga and Luiseno people.

Macarro told congress and the Dept. of Interior one thing and the tribe did another.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that people find it hard to believe about the Pechanga doing so much wrong because Macarro was the face for the Casino campaigns? Just wondering!

OPechanga said...

Very much so, Tyrant. Mark is very convincing as a speaker on camera most of the time. He did fail on KNBC's Without a Tribe as he was caught in a lie the first 15 seconds of his commercial AND his deer in the headlights look to a Colleen Williams questions.

I have emails that detail his temper, saying that he didn't care if another prominent tribal members heart blew out of his chest. (A reference to his heart surgery) "Shit for Brains" is also in the email string.

He has a temper, a bit of a Napoleonic complex.

I believe that he has been absolutely corrupted by the power. It's difficult NOT to be, I suppose. Here's a guy who worked three jobs to support his family and now, is making over $500,000 a year and on television...

It's also much easier to convince a politician when you have a HUGE check, rather than a huge ISSUE.

Anonymous said...

Hey manureboy, How old are you?. You talk like a spoiled rich kid that cant keep a night club open, because of your uglieness, Why dont you freeloads go get an honest job!

Anonymous said...

These adopted members who are running the Pechanga Tribe are about to start to get a taste of some serious 21st Century Medicine. We are headed for a very interesting year or so. These imposters will be EXPOSED and there is nothing their money or influence can do about it. Little by little the truth will be forthcoming. They cannot fight an enemy they do not see or know. Their arrogant ways are about to be met with some interesting media warefare. I cannot wait to see it all unfold.

Anonymous said...

keep talkins crap.
Your daddy can't keep you quiet.
The more drool that you spray on this blog the better!!

You really have no clue about the Indian Way or Pechanga history.

Enjoy your riches while they last,WHITE BOY! Better get back to Sat. church & pay your dues!

For your sake you better have a deal with the cpp,punk!!

Your family's paperwork is weak compared to the Hunter's, tough guy. Yes, your family is an easy target.

It is not your money either, it is Pechanga money. Now that many Original Pechanga's are out it is dirty blood money.

W-boy, go back & play on your Laptop.

Hunters are Original Allottees what about the M(White)-boys family?
Explain that one boy!!


Anonymous said...

The so called Concerned Pechanga People (CPP) faction of the tribe have as some of its members two registered sex offenders who are profiled on the Megan's law Website, Ronald Rivera and Vincent Ibanez, as well as Larry Miranda who reportedly was fired for stealing when he worked at the casino.

These are the folks that pushed to have us kicked out of the tribe without any real evidence.

You think Anonymous would think I should be sued for making these statements?

Funny thing though, we don't have to make any of this up.

We just have to report what some of these people have done.

As with Mr. Macarro's comments in the congressional record, anyone is free to look up Rivera's and Ibanez's profiles on the Megan's Law site.

Added note: Vincent Ibanez wrote a hand written letter from prison saying we don't belong in the tribe.

Apparently Ibanez's testimony was given more weight than Dr. John Johnson's testimony, reknown expert on the geneology of the local mission Indians who also happened to be the Pechanga tribe's own hired expert who concluded that we, the Hunters, are Pechanga Indians. GO FIGURE?

Anonymous said...


wOw how much indian blood do you really have? don't get a nose bleed
when i drive by the pechanga school i see nothing but white people it's sad!

Anonymous said...

Why do you call me white boy? I'm in the tribe and you aren't.

Now who's racist?

We belong to the tribe.

Anonymous said...

So it was said that adopted members did the disenrolling, I could probably find the information but not inclined to look. Were these adopted members non-indians or just not pechanga indians or what?

For arguments sake lets say that everything on here is not in dispute by anyone. Makes one wonder what might of been had the Pechanga not brought in "Outsiders" to their tribe. It is kind of ironic to me that it is being said that non-indians are responsible for dis-enrolling indians, and yet alot of you defend the Freedmen.

Anyways ya'll might wanna curb the use of Indian and Whiteboys and all that before ol Mr. Lee comes on this post and starts lecturing about how there is no such thing as being indian nowadays.

Anonymous said...

The money is impressive, and I say good for the Pechanga Nation, but it will also be a gauntlet for those who have been deprived of their rightful take of Pechanga self-reliance.
My own opinion is that the term "dis-enrolled" may be part of the lack of impact for those seeking redress. When I read terms like "terminated," "dis-enfranchised," de-citizenized," de-naturalized," "banished," "exiled," Those are words that speak to me of the acts of a sovereign political nation/state. Dis-enrolled smacks of a private action taken by a private organization, which people are generally reticent to concern themselves with. Tribes to me are not private clubs but governing bodies that exist with an understanding of inherent sovereignty, that is sovereignty that existed before the U.S. was formed. I was there at some o the meetings before the Casinos and this issue of sovereignty was discussed. If your going the authority of sovereign nationality, you have to live up to the greater responsibility, not vacillate between incidental tribal affiliation, race club, and sovereign nation whenever a topic needs to be side-stepped.
Sovereignty does not exist without the will and self-determination of the governments population. Along with sovereign authority comes sovereign responsibility. Again I say I hope that it doesn't have to come to an "us or them relationship between the two faction but an us and us relationship, even if the two faction disagree, as part of one sovereign nation. It would be best if a council of native nation would address this issue before federal jurisdiction kicks in, because even though the courts have avoided the issue for the Pechanga, federal authority still exists to correct the issue. The U.S. Supreme has set the tide for federal jurisdiction with the recent decision regarding Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Even though it is in a foreign country, the base and the soldiers are under federal jurisdiction, and they have asserted it. The same decisions may be forthcoming regarding citizens exiled from Native Nations.
Allen L. Lee

OPechanga said...


We have been making that point also. It's not a club, it's our heritage, Pechanga's own expert said nobody was 'MORE" Pechanga than our ancestor Paulina Hunter (pictured on the sidebar)

And with the per capita at rate now, they could DOUBLE the population and still have 50% more than was being paid out just four years ago.

Pechanga is also paying a premium for their goodwill, to the tune of over $50 MILLION more than the other big four tribes during the last election. Richard Milanovich is laughing at Macarro. Goodwill is inexpensive for him, he simply leads and leads well.

Imagine if Pechanga would capitalize on the goodwill by overturning their decision to overrule the will of the people and the Pechanga Constitution and Bylaws.

Anonymous said...

just wait MW boy!
just keep it up!
Belong? Ha Ha,for now.
Your family paperwork is weak & your family is not untouchable.
It is not a race thing. Just a statement of fact, Your family is very "Fair" skined.

Anonymous said...

There will be no more disenrollments. The people have spoken. Hunters were already up for being kicked out.

They wouldn't dare try to kick our family out. We would stand up to them, unlike you people.

Anonymous said...

Ha,Ha,Ha your soo tough mw boy!!!
We did stand up & were screwed behind closed doors & yes the people had spoken in support of the Hunters, that included macarro!!

You really have no idea what you are talking about mw boy.

Just keep running your mouth, you are an easy target to shoot down.

Say hi to your cpp buddies that you have sold your soul to.

We were not the only family under investigation & you are just a petition away from danger.

Anonymous said...

What do you do with thirty thousand a month? You certainly dont care about your relatives that are stuck in the moratorium! If I were receiving per capita Id help any way I could,but you greedy scum of the earth will get yours real soon! And you know none you can give a crap! until your kicked out ! Then youll be siding with us por fat slobs!

Mike rivera said...

I also have family enrolled and none of them help me either, and I don't understand why! My ancestors were there's also I just was never enrolled. I have written letters and even had family on the board, still wouldn't help! I just can't do anything untill it's my time, hopefully they will realize there's enough for everyone!we don't have discriminate against our own people like our ancestors were, were suppose to learn from others faults, not say it was wrong and do it to someone else!

Anonymous said...

You allI962 r spoiled indians who dont do anything for that money just sit on ur asses and get paid must be nice!Get a damn job and feel what its like to actually earn something and not just expect something. How many of you actually use that money for something good other than goin to silk or booze or weed or whatever bullshit u people spend it on go to fuckin school and do somethin with ur lives