Monday, June 30, 2008

Pechanga Group Takes on Strange Bedfellows.

UPDATE: Questions include: Are the CPP truth tellers, or outrageous liars?
Would they lie about Jennie Miranda and family? Would they lie about the Hunters and Manuela Miranda descendents? Jennie, which one is it? Are they lying about YOU, or about the Hunters, OR BOTH?

The Concerned Pechanga People have been active in getting rid of two large families from Pechanga. But, according to this flyer from 1992, they absolutely DID NOT like some of the people that they subsequently conspired with to remove the Manuela Miranda and Hunter Clans. Here's the flyer:

Read this document on Scribd: CCPElectionFlyer1992[1]

The CPP accuse Jennie Miranda (former spokeperson for Pechanga and mother of thief Larry Miranda, soon to be indicted) of "being unfair to people" and telling "lies" and wanting to bulldoze sensitive sites and burial grounds. AMAZING that after all this, the CPP would work with Jennie to use her mother AND Frances Miranda to eliminate people.

Does this sound like someone who cares about the tribe, or themselves? CPP, how could you turn on your own people, with people like this?

And Enrollment Committee HOW could you trust people like this? And we all know, Frances hasn't got any nicer with age.


wiaasal said...


This goes straight to the heart of the CPP! Use people to get what you want, then throw them away.

Tribal traditions?

Ed, Which family is next?

Anonymous said...

Sneaky little lying bass Turds, just go's to show you that they will do/say anything to give them more power and or cash.

OPechanga said...

We can certainly communicate on a higher plane than that, don't you think? Even if they don't deserve it?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, but I deliberately refrained from using profanity out of respect for this site, and choose to express my feelings on the subject in a manner that I hope communicates my emotional quality on the subject.

It was a knee jerk reaction albeit a honest one.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the infamous Ed B was against the Splinter group, who ended up being the CPP, during the early 1980's when the Splinters tried to form their own tribe.

Fast forward to 2002 and this same Ed B told members of the Hunters that he was going to get more money no matter what it takes.

I guess Ed thought the CPP was the best bet to get him what he wanted, more money.

Reportedly Ed was seen buying a new car within two weeks of the Hunter's disenollment.

That is the thing about scoundrels, they ussually end of turning on each other.

Think about it, isn't it likely that Hitler after World War 2 would have turned on Italy and Japan if the Axis powers had won the war?

Anonymous said...

Is that old fart francis still alive?, Last time I saw her, about ten years ago, she sitting behihd a table with a bunch of other idiots telling us to leave!What she spending her money on a hair transplant?

Anonymous said...

Please note, Dear Reader, the continuing bitterness and anger riling the disenrollees. They cannot see straight. Their scattershot comments show they really know nothing about Pechanga -- another clear sign they do not belong. The disenrollees must return to their status as ordinary Americans, in order to gain any lasting peace of mind. Yet, these disgruntled individuals cannot accept their fate. Instead, they lash out at others, and misconstrue the past. Further, the negativity of the disenrollees surely must cause others to back off from any friendly support. After all, most people prefer a positive approach to resolving differences. The disenrollees have nothing positive to present, only attacks. Fortunately, the disenrollees have been sent on their way. One day they will go away.

OPechanga said...

And readers, please note, the difference. One group, has taken away the cultural heritage of hundreds of others so that they may benefit. And then they complain about the tone, when in fact, the tone they use, is one who pulls the wings off of butterflies or those who spin cats around by their tail, or more truely, one that likes young children, a bit too much. Of that, I'm positive.
I'm also POSITIVE, that the CPP is upset that the tribe has to spend so much money to defend themselves. $50 million, right Masiel?

Anonymous said...

intent? yeah 15 years in the making....

Anonymous said...

It's easy to not be bitter, when you are the one who was the abuser and not the abused.

It seems from the comment that the ones who have harmed so many, seem to take enjoyment in it. Is that cruelty showing?

I like the analogy of pulling the wings off a beautiful butterfly.

I bet the writer takes pleasure in harming others. I think I'll take my business elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I amused, not bitter, that Anonymous didn't address the accusations from the CPP concerning Masiel family member Jennie? Paying Mirandas to show up and vote? How pathetic is that?

Luiseno said...

" Anonymous said... Please note, Dear Reader, the continuing bitterness and anger"

One has to only look in the mirror and realise just who is expressing his/her anger here. This was one of the bitterest and most hateful letters I have read yet to read on this site.

" Anonymous said... The disenrollees must return to their status as ordinary Americans...."

Sound fimiliar? Sounds like the statements I have heard from many white Americans who have told me "why haven't your people been assimilated yet". Now the CPP is taking up the banner of those white Americans looking for the assimilation and dissapearance of the American Indian.

" Anonymous said... Fortunately, the disenrollees have been sent on their way. One day they will go away."

Now how hateful is this one? He is hoping that we will hurry up and die already.

Anonymous said...

The anger and bitterness addressed above is a total misguided and unfounded statement.

Over 400 rightful Pechanga's know their place under the Sun.

What this poster wants you to believe is that Pechanga has accepted what has happened and they have moved on.

As you can see by the letter posted in this thread, it is the CPP who hold bitterness and anger. The author of this letter circulated it before a major election in 1992. The author targets members of the band on rumors and hearsay. Please read the letter and ask yourself, what does this person do when he is not planning cutural genocide on his fellow people.

Sorry Ed, but you have all the facts wrong. You can try and twist things anyway you want, but the truth is the truth. You can believe it or ignore it, either way it still is the truth.

Thank you for stopping by and posting. It really is entertaining.

Anonymous said...



My apologies for my Luiseno spelling if I made any errors but my Lusieno is a little rusty.

I know a lot of us don't know the language either but 100 to 1 odds our critic won't have a clue what I just wrote.

If he or she doesn't know what I said, how does that show that he or she knows more about Pechanga than us?

Anonymous said...

Just more propaganda against the " Original Pechanga People". ed b., little john, or whoever, your lies are soo expected. WE proved our case 100%, just ask an expert J.J.(you hired). Or m. duncan who stepped down from e.c. before the first vote on Hunters, because she knew what was right,we are Pechanga!

Not the "bittter few"& the scared "2"(5 is not enough to vote & 3 should not have been permitted to vote based on clear bias against the Hunters) ,that were left on the E.C. whom illegally disenrolled the Hunters.

This all happened with help from a Tribal Council, under duress from the CPP.

Truth once again hurts greedy tribal nazi's. Keep giving us crap to dispute. You help us educate the public how bad you really are!!!!

We know in our hearts the truth & sadly, so do you. Greed has overcome your will, too bad.

With the Hunters!!!!!!!!!!