Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tribal Justice at Barona: Paid for Judges?

Quote of the Day: Most people don't realize that when you go to an Indian casino, it's like entering a foreign country where you have very few rights,"

Tribal justice for outsiders is not swift or sure. And judges taking contributions from tribes that may come before them?

When Redd discovered that Goldsmith had taken political contributions from nine Indian tribes, including the Barona tribe, she filed a petition to have his decision thrown out on grounds that he should have disqualified himself. The petition was turned down by the California Supreme Court.

Barona Bedbug Bites mean be careful when going on sovereign territory

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Anonymous said...

Imagine how much good could be done if they gave the amount of money they throw away to politicians towards health care for ALL their people.
I think the politicians shouldn't take money from tribes that abuse their people.