Monday, June 9, 2008

Seneca-Cayuga: Tribe's Council Meets, Defying Court Order

Coincidentally, Pechanga was supposed to have a meeting every month, too. But during Pechanga's Indian Removal era, the council often did not have meetings, in order to conspire as to how to terminate Indians. Lawlessness. There are 1o ways to help combat lawlessness in Indian Country on the sidebar.

Tribe's council meets in defiance of court order

Associated Press - June 8, 2008 1:15 PM ET
GROVE, Okla. (AP) - A dispute between two arms of the Seneca-Cayuga's tribal government has taken another turn.
The Miami, Okla.-based tribe's general council met yesterday, even after a tribal court had ordered the meeting to be postponed. During the meeting, the council voted to abolish the court, which had been created less than a year ago.
The council also accepted the resignation of tribal Chief Paul Spicer, who had already said he planned on stepping down.
Under the tribal constitution, a quorum of at least 30 tribal council members must meet on the first Saturday in June. Such meetings have been held annually since 1937.
The tribe has about 4,400 members, some of whom claim Spicer has tried to silence opposition at council meetings. Spicer countered that a faction of tribal members wanted to intimidate those who did not agree with them and tried to set up a "shadow government."
The tribal court's order had stayed all general council meetings until July 9th, when a hearing was scheduled on a case involving Spicer and 11 tribal members.

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Anonymous said...

One way to control government, is to not listen to the voice of its citizens.

If you cancel regular meetings, the voice of the band cannot be heard.

The CPP knows they are out numbered on votes, so several General meetings are cancelled and serious Band issues are delayed as their machine continues with its agenda.

Pechanga, once prided itself as a "Will of the People Band." Now the entire Band rest in the hands of the CPP.