Friday, June 20, 2008

Pechanga Corruption: Which Family Is Next for Termination?

Occasionally, the OP blog will have guest bloggers. Today my cousin Wiaasal has a contribution. Thank you cousin.

If anyone thinks disenrollments are over, you better get your copy of the memorandum from the tribal council dated July 18, 2005.

Article 1 of this memo. says it all. "Because Pechanga Membership requirements are codified in the Constitution, the Petition process or any process other than the process outlined in the Constitution for amending the Constitution may not be used to amend Membership requirements.

Therefore, the passage of the Petition by the Pechanga General Membership did not change the Pechanga Membership requirments, and it did not create a base membership roll as of June 19, 2005 (e.g. did not "grandfather" in everyone who was a member as of June 19, 2005).

I promise you, Andy M., his sister and the rest of the CPP are planning another attack. The wording in this memo is very clear. This memo basically strips the General Membership of it's Governing body of the band.

Retroactively it may be used against other families, including some adopted families. Article 2 says "the only governing body that could take this action would be the Enrollment Committee, concerning enrollment or disenrollment." Better get ready.

The ride is not over yet.

Wiaasal makes some strong points. With the tribe be able to stand up to the splinter group? Is Andrew Masiel trustworthy as a tribal spokesman?

Just as important, if the band cannot make changes to membership requirements in the constitution, HOW could it impose a MORATORIUM, when the constitution says OPEN ENROLLMENT in January? The moratorium therefore has to be invalid


t'eetilawuncha! said...

Great post!

The CPP is always looking at total control.

We believed if we just stayed quite, we have all the paperwork and nobody will touch us.


Written oral tradition was swept under the rug.

Ed wants to know where Paulina's CDIB card is. As far as I know that is not a requirment for membership. Sworn depositions are a form of oral recognition. If the Hunters did not belong at Pechanga, I'm sure the Tortuga's, Stevensons, Ashman would of said so.

The government issued CDIB cards not indians Ed. We now who we are, So did the Elders of our tribe.

We aint gown nowhere!

Anonymous said...

We ain't going nowhere either. The Masiels and Mirandas wouldn't dare come after our family.

wiaasal said...

Yeah right!

Your family and others are on the hit list.

We wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

What makes your family so special that you think someone wouldn't come after you?

And don't give us the "talking head" script about having proper paperwork or standing up for ones self because that dog don't hunt....

So just what is it that makes you a legend in your own mind??

Anonymous said...

We have all heard the talks given my masial jr.... "We are the only true Pechanga left". This thinking must stem form his deep beliefs in the propaganda he had listen to all his life. Propaganda has been the choice weapon for many cowards that seek power… If you cannot win a fight on your own valor the meek choose lies and deception. I have a phrase summation to end this… Nazi world domination.

Anonymous said...

Munoaboy, we were in the tribe when the petition passed outlawing disenrollment in fact about 15 of us signed the petition to put it to a vote of the people.

As we have said, we have paperwork that says we are Pechanga but the enrollment committee ignored all of the evidence that supported us in favor of hearsay evidence that claims we are not.

The enrollment committee than bent the rules out of shape in coming to the conclusion that we did not meet the requirments for membership in the tribe and all of this was after the petition was passed to end disenrollment.

Who is to say that they couln't look up your files and claim, after the fact by twisting the rules that you don't belong even if you reall do belong?

The powers that be at Pechanga are masters at finding loopholes to get what they want.

Anonymous said...

I think he may be retarded!
I am in no way making fun of retarded people rather stating fact about a real screwd up tribal member.

Anonymous said...

Another question is who is in the "PROCESS?"

Several families were targets of the CPP. They have a list of families, entire extended families they want out of the tribe. Some names come to mind. Munoa, Vasquez, Garbani, Pico, Hunter, Manuela.

I have also heard A. Masiel Jr. say the same thing, "we are the only true Pechanga people left." Funny thing is thier ties to Pechanga Maximimio Leyva has Mission- San Luis Rey on his 1928 California application.

The theory the enrollment committee used against the Hunter family, is several descendants put San Luis rey on their applications.

Why would Masiel be a Pechanga indian?

Luiseno said...

Also dont forget, they are very good at inventing loopholes where none exist.

Anonymous said...

Its True and like i have said before that recorse will be against the members of the enrollment committees. Members conceptualising and manipulating tribal ordinaces to accept disenrollment and diminish the members ships ability to hold their governing body accountable is not over.

Before it was tribal councils that were not held accountable, but these boards of members are now just being "used" by the former council members that have now receeded to more legally protected and less seen by the public eye, their new and more abusive in the use of power in their exspansive rolls as members of enrollment committees rather that the former tribal council seats.

This is tribal evolution as we see it at Stop Wintu Fraud and we all can see it plain as day. Its funny that these people that have done this to their own members actually think that they are not being watched by the majority, and actually think they are going to be able to hind behind their abuses of soverignty for ever.

The more moves they make on the long path of misappropriation and abuse of tribal members right, the more proof in the end there will be to exspose their illegal actions.

Anonymous said...

What Luiseno and the last anonymous poster said is true.

Pechanga does invent loopholes where legally none exist and in the case of our enrollment committee some of these individuals feel that they are untouchable, that no one can hold them accountable for their actions.

A typical reaction to directives from the tribal council by some of these old women on the Pechanga committee has been, "the council can't tell us what to do, we can do what we want!"

In our case the enrollment committee has actually went against the will of the people who had voted in 2005 to end all disenrollments but we, the Hunters, were kicked out in 2006 anyway.

In this situation the council itself added fuel to the fire by taking the stance that only the enrollment committee can make decisions regarding membership which goes against the Pechanga constitution that says the general membership is the final authority of the government but also against the fact that the general membership has made decisions regarding membership in the past.

Two examples come to mind: 1. starting in 1996 the general membership voted to have a moratorium on new members 2. The has tribe voted to overturn decisions by the enrollment committee not to enroll certain family lines.

An example of the second kind of enrollment decision in the above examples is in 1986 when the whole tribe voted to accept an entire family line.

This family was accepted and they were allowed to appeal the decision by the enrollment committee not to intially enroll them and have it overturned by a vote of the people.

It is my understanding that the enrollment committee had ruled in 1986 that the family in question didn't meet the membership requirments.


In our case, if we presented our credentials to the tribe, if there are enough fair minded unbiased people in the tribe, we could show them that we do indeed meet the membership requirments.

Anonymous said...

I think what the problem with Munoaboy's thinking, is that for a family to be disenrolled is really doesn't matter what can be proven; all that matters are the votes of a few members, those on the enrollment committee.

Luiseno said...

The enrollment committee states in writting that they can accept or reject any information and don't have to give a reason or explaination for rejecting it. It is totally up there own whim or fancy. It is against the rules to question them on the matter, and if you do they can disenroll you for doing such a thing as questioning a decision they have made. In fact they dont even have to tell you that they have decided to reject something.

They have TOTAL power and if you dont show proper respect and bow to there every decision then you WILL be disenrolled without even going through the process(this they told us face to face).

Anonymous said...

Someone said the Munoas are next to go! Can you explain why? Im one the moratorium, and a munoa, it would be nice be enrolled for a few years and be bill free! Wishful thinking!

Anonymous said...

Explain why??

Let's see....

One day someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.... or

One day someone decided they didn't like the shape of your head.... or

Our planet is overheating and all the polar bears are dying.... or

Assholes are running/ruining the tribe!
Do you get it yet???

Anonymous said...

Read the blog on this site about Per Cap payments.

The casino is the cash cow. It is really slow right now. First they will stop any unnecessary construction and uprgrades, then stop hiring of new employees, then they will cut hundreds of employees to parttime w/ no benefits. The VP's know that thier jobs are at stake if they do not keep the Millions of dollars flowing to the membership.

Once all these cost saving programs are implemented and the monthly Per Caps are in jeapordy the CPP will take more families out. They have a plan and several families are NOT part of it.

You can be active though. Email and fax as many people as you can telling them of the unlawful aspects of the CPP.