Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cabazon Tribe Denied More Slots; Battin Claims UNFAIR

Goodness gracious, Senator Battin, UNFAIR? We have brought you much evidence of UNFAIRNESS and you make no public mention of it? Cabazon pay into your "defense fund" did they.

The Assembly Governmental Organization Committee rejected Senate Bill 1201 by Sen. Jim Battin, R-La Quinta, to allow tribes with one of the original 61 compacts signed in 1999 to operate 2,000 machines.
But opponents countered that it's unfair to allow some tribes to get more slot machines now without negotiating amended compacts after other tribes have taken that step to get more machines.
"We think it's terribly unfair to change the rules of the game," said Cathy Christian, a lobbyist for San Diego County in opposing the bill.

The committee also turned down SB 864 by Battin aimed at preventing charities from using electronic bingo games instead of paper cards.

There is lots of unfairness around SENATOR, OPEN YOU EYES.

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Creeper said...

HELLOOOO...unless you have spent the last 10 years on the moon - of course he has received funds from tribes. As far as this is unfair to your "FAVORITE TRIBE" look around you Jim Battin, you have ignored what is right in front of your face. So. California Casino Tribes have dished out a lot of money to cover their own corruption and lots of money has been paid to lots of political whores to cover those Tribes tracks. ONE HAND WASHES THE OTHER.