Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Soboba's Salgado: White People should go back to Plymouth Rock

This is good customer relations from Chairman Salgado of Soboba:

If those in the trailer park aren't happy, he said, they should "get back on Plymouth Rock and sail back to Europe." in response to neighbors who complained about bullets from the reservation hitting their mobile homes.

Reminds of the words of wisdom of Pechanga Chair Macarro: "what we do on the reservation is NO BUSINESS of the WHITE MAN.

But, Riverside County, WHERE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY IS your business. Take your business ELSEWHERE.

Even if the tribe and the department strike a deal, it won't be the end of the story. The tribe's lawyer, veteran Indian rights attorney Jack Schwartz, is investigating whether deputies violated the tribe's civil rights.

JACK, will you take up the cause of INDIANS who have ALSO had their rights violated by tribes like PECHANGA and PICAYUNE?


Anonymous said...

Salgaldo suffers from "open mouth and insert foot disease!"

Mr. Chairman, wouldn't it best serve all those concerned if you thought about what you are going to say before you say it, that you take a minute to calm down before making your remarks?

How do you think it will effect your business if you drive white people away, a large customer base?

I am tired of people making racial comments because there are good people of all races and there are "rats" in all races as well.

OPechanga said...

He is passionate about his tribe and cares for their welfare, I'm sure.

I don't get that from Macarro, Masiel or Murphy. OF course, Murphy isn't Pechanga by blood....

stand your ground said...

Salgado may be passionate about his tribe, but if he really cared for their welfare he should actually do something to control the thugs on his reservation. He is all mouth now after the fact. As usual, Chairman Salgado feels the need to blame the white people for his troubles. Get your house in order MR.Racist, or all those ugly white people won't spend any more of their ugly white money in your Casino. You call other people racist when you yourself are ONE, and i am getting damn tired of it. So my money, my friends and family's money will not be spend either at SOBOBA or PECHANGA. I do love to gamble once in a while , i'm heading south or Las Vegas once in a while. THANKS FOR GIVING US A HEADS UP MR. SALGADO.