Saturday, June 28, 2008

High Noon At Pechanga 2: Even Quieter than April

In April, we reported HERE that Pechanga's Casino seemed emptier than normal. There were some comments on another post that business was down because of the news getting out about Pechanga's dirty deeds with their people. Although that's difficult to prove, I made a trip to the casino to check on "parking status".

April: 386 EMPTY parking spaces in the new parking structure.

June 27: 577 EMPTY parking spaces in the new parking structure.

Maybe the gamblers are car-pooling? Or, most likely, there are LESS gamblers at Pechanga. Are they going to Pala?

Is there a chance that the per capita of over $30,000 per month to the RPP (Remaining Pechanga People) will have to be reduced? Will Pechanga be able to meet it's obligations to the people of California?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Percapita is down. Lost $1000 last month :(

stand your ground said...

It will be going down even more than you think. Lot's of people know what is happening inside this corrupt tribe and they don't wish to contribute to this corruption.

OPechanga said...

Well, let's hope that we are reaching more people each week, and they can make a decision for themselves.

Can they trust a business, where tribal members cheat the employees and where management forces prospective hires to give kickbacks.

Next thing, they'll be laying off employees.