Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to Disenrolled Pechanga People

A very happy Father's Day to those Pechanga people who have been in the unconstitutional moratorium at Pechanga and to those who have been disenrolled.

My father, who Pechanga still credits as Pechanga people on their website was a decorated war veteran, awarded the Bronze Star and the Army commendation medal for heroism in Vietnam, is now considered, NOT PECHANGA. Of course, he always knew he was, helping to build a cabin on the rez in 1957. For you history buffs, that was pre-casino, pre-cornfield and pre-Gloria Wright, who came to the rez in 1972. She's one who keeps her brother from his rightful place in the tribe.

Pechanga, shame on you, for disavowing your veterans and Fathers, and their descendents.


Anonymous said...

I am Alaskan Native. It is heart wrenching the dis-enrollment of the people mentioned here. I hope that changes can be made on the federal level to protect individuals cast out with no good reason. Greed is an ugly thing. The heritage of Natives-I know at least of my own is honorable. I pray that these casino tribes will go back to honorable dealings.

Creeper said...

My grandfather fought for this country in World War 2 - the Battle of the Bulge - got his leg shot off, received the Good Contact Medal, 2 Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart. He was the grandson of Paulina Hunter. Today he would be ashamed of what the Pechanga Tribe has become and of the loss of respect for their elders, their disrespect for their own culture and the corruption within the tribe. John Miller fought on another Continent for human rights and his descendants cannot find justice in our own courts. LET THERE BE JUSTICE FOR ALL... AHO

OPechanga said...

World War II, uh, that would have been BEFORE the tribe had a casino too!

But they disavow true Pechanga Veterans, but bring a child molestor back into the fold and keep a man who cheated the casino, its employees AND the tribe as a member. How many tribal members are on the Megan's law website?

Of course, running meth labs don't get you on that list, right Junior?