Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BIA Rules on Comanche DeEnrollment; Another Crack in the Sovereignty Dam

The BIA has supported Debbie Hendrix is her disenrollment from the Comanche Nation.
Her rights of due process were violated and her rights granted in ICRA have also been violated.

Interesting that the BIA would look into this membership issue.
This link may for members only, but it's easy to join. I"ll add to this post shortly

From Debbie Hendrix communique:

As you read you will see the de-enrollment is tentatively invalid. Also, the telephone vote taken was also invalid. Therefore all benefits are to be reinstated and my name is to be placed back on the ballot. If Wallace chooses not to abide by the directive from the Regional Director then any people elected will not be recognized by the Bureau. Therefore we will not have a functioning government. In July when all the 638 contracts are to be signed they will not be recognized by the bureau because of the illegal CBC members. So the Tribe will loose all their 638 programs. Every bit of land the Attorneys are trying to put in the Comanche name will not be completed because of the illegal CBC positions. Wallace's resort will only be a memory. Because the Bureau will not do any business with anyone wanting to do business with the Comanche Tribe.

People then you can thank your Chairman and 4 CBC members for the loss of all tribal programs. Then if NIGC knows the land is not going to be put in trust then our Casinos will be closed down. Again you can thank your Chairman and 4 CBC members for the loss of your per cap. This shows you how much they care about the people. The chairman will break every law he wants just to get his way.


Anonymous said...

Is there a location for the decision of the BIA on the Hendrix case?

Anonymous said...

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