Sunday, June 1, 2008

Riverside Supervisor Suggests CHANGE in Soboba Leadership

Supervisor Jeff Stone is wrong in his approach here. Mr. Supervisor, you have no business recommending a change in leadership at the reservation. That is tribal business. YOU SHOULD, however, recommend to your constituents that they stay AWAY from the Casino and reservations until it is deemed safe and until you feel that the tribal leadership is taking the necessary steps to protect San Jacinto and Riverside county citizens.

ADDITIONALLY, you should be recommending that all Riverside County residents stay away from Pechanga, for violating its members basic human rights and civil rights and for failing to follow its OWN CONSTITUTION. While you shouldn't call for a leadership change there either, you SHOULD recommend that NO citizen of Riverside County patronize a local business that would treat American citizens the way the sovereign nation of Pechanga did to their people. Would you have recommended buying Krugeraands while South Africa was practicing apartheid? No, I believe you wouldn't.

Please recommend that Pechanga be avoided for the similar reason, denying some of its people civil rights, voting rights, and citizenship that was rightfully theirs.

Express your MORAL outrage, Mr. Supervisor, by NOT supporting Pechanga with your business, county's business and the patronage of your constituents. Pechanga has the right to violate their own tribal constitutions, strip their citizens of their heritage and rightful place in the tribe, and tell them to go to hell. YOU, me and our friends and customers have the right to AVOID Pechanga because of their unjust, immoral actions. Make sure the county does NO more county business at Pechanga. Might I suggest, Turtle Creek, or maybe the wineries? Do you think Pechanga, like South Africa will respond to disinvestment?

Supervisor's Criticism

The Soboba tribe is also finding itself at odds with 3rd District Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone, who on Thursday called for a change of tribal leadership and suggested the violence could be a repeated if that does not take place. Stone, whose district includes the reservation, told about 150 people who had gathered in San Jacinto that violence connected with the reservation is nothing new. Stone suggested that part of the problem is tribal leadership, which he said needs to be more sophisticated in the way it does its job.


stand your ground said...

I disagree on one point OP, i think that one can suggest a change in leadership if that leadership failes to protect and keep its members from being harmed, AND IF THAT LEADERSHIP IS ALSO CORRUPT, I.E THE PECHANGA TRIBAL COMMITTEE AND CHAIRMAN, THEN ONE CAN CLEARLY SUGGEST A CHANGE. However, only the Tribe can and should elect new leaders, NOT THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

OPechanga said...

Perhaps you are correct, SYG.

What's critically important: In order to be effective, Supervisor Stone should not be spouting rhetoric, but putting the weight of his influence behind his actions

WALK THE WALK, Mr. Supervisor. Get your fellow Supervisors to quit providing Soboba AND Pechanga with the fruit of County funds. I believe Soboba will get its act together quickly. Pechanga, on the other hand, will not. They need to be prodded by sanctions, it order to realize that the councils unconstitutional actions and CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, have consequences that hurt EVERYONE, STARTING with the tribe.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm in agreement that the Temecula City council should be expecting more from Pechanga. How are they going to make up the money that our city lost with the propositions?