Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jerry Brown: Fox Guarding the Tribal Casino Henhouse?

State AG Jerry Brown doesn't seem to be taking a strong stand against crime on California's Indian Reservations. He DOES seem to be courting the tribes, however, should he plan to run for governor again.

Michell DeArmond has the story HERE.

The attorney general's office's Bureau of Gambling Control is one of several entities that regulate Indian casinos. Whether Brown, as attorney general, can crack down on problems at Indian casinos and simultaneously solicit tribes' political support could become an issue on the campaign trail, as questions of potential conflicts of interest often do
Records show that Brown hasn't collected any campaign contributions from tribes during his time as attorney general thus far. In a telephone interview Tuesday, Brown said he wouldn't rule out accepting tribal donations later but would exercise "prudence and good judgment" in cases of potential conflict.
"That's a concern I might have with respect to anybody," he said, noting that many political donors do business with the state. "I don't want to single out tribes. They're big and they're important in the political process, but there are also a lot of others."

OP: Except, Jerry, that YOU KNOW that tribes, led by Pechanga are the single BIGGEST donors. Are you going to be out front when the indictments are going to be handed down?


Anonymous said...

HOW do you keep a politician honest?
Can you believe them when they say the "may take their money" but it won't interfere in the decisions they have to make?

Anonymous said...

Honest Politician?

Now THAT's an oxymoron!