Monday, June 30, 2008

Cherokee Freedmen Meeting Set

The Freedmen Band of Cherokee nation of Oklahoma will hold its next meeting Saturday July 19 2008 at the West Side Community Center, 501 S Bucy in Bartlesville Oklahoma.

The meeting will begain at 12:15pm. The organization educates freedmen tribal members and the general public on their rights and responsibilities as tribal members. Band officers Marilyn Vann and Vera Jones will update meeting attendants on their recent trip to Washington DC to visit members of Congress to request support for legislation supprting the freedmens rights.

The special speaker for the meeting will be John Gomez, a former Pechanga Nation tribal official who is currently President of the American Indian Rights and Resources Organization (AIRRO), an organization which fights for the rights of California Indians who have been disenrolled as citizens of California Indian tribes in violation of federal, state, and or Indian nation tribal law. The meeting is free and open to the general public. Meeting attendants are asked to bring a "covered dish" to share with the other meeting attendants.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Marylin Vann will be there and any information John Gomez shares will most assuredly get to Congressperson Diane Watson's office.
Allen L. Lee

stand your ground said...

John Gomez Jr. speaks well and clearly communicates the situation about the tribal corruptions happening here in good old California. I am sure that Senator Watson will be listening to what he has to say. I met the Lady, she hears and she listens.