Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Commercial Bribery Scheme at Pechanga Falsifying Job Applications.

Pechanga employee cheats employees of $3,000 each.
UPDATES: Choomchuen Zhou was arrested on May 1st. Now, we'll see who she sings on when trying to save herself from a long term in prison. Also, a note that this story was also linked to at on Sat. 6/21, after I sent notice to our friend Rob Schmidt. Thanks Rob, for linking to this story and helping get the word out about the corruption at Pechanga. We assume there will be a Larry Miranda story soon.

Mean Streets Blog reports that while Special Agents from the Riverside Office of the Bureau of Gambling Control (BGC) were investigating several management employees of the Pechanga Resort and Casino, the Agents uncovered evidence that floor supervisor, Kathy Zhou, who was recently suspended from her job, was charging casino job applicants $3,000 each to falsify their job applications to secure employment.

Agents monitored a telephone conversation between Zhou and one of her "customers," during which she instructed the individual not to say anything to DOJ agents. Zhou admitted to the witness during this conversation that she lied to the agents when they questioned her, and was admonishing everyone involved to "keep their stories straight."

Zhou was arrested on charges of commercial bribery and obstructing a criminal investigation.

Employees embezzle, tribal members cheat employees, employees violate the law, young tribal thugs get nightclubs shut down.

Avoid Pechanga... Temecula... Avoid Pechanga

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