Monday, November 5, 2018

Democrats Have Always Been Our Oppressors on Indian Civil Rights & Disenrollment

Friends, family and people who know me, know that I lean to the right politically.  One Reason...


The Chairman of my tribe, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, Mark Macarro is married to high powered lobbyist Holly Cook Macarro, who was on Hillary Clinton's short list for Native American advisers.   And, for those of you who will say, WHAT ABOUT TRUMP?   Uh, I WARNED you all in 2016 in Never Trump, Never Hillary...'remember?    Hillary was so bad, even her own people supported Obama.

Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro, and Democrat darling is a strongman and a thug whose authoritarian regime rigs elections, has control of tribal media outlets,  regularly stamps out dissent, invades private property, lies to congressdisappears the opposition, abuses human rights, stinks of corruption and meddles in other nation's sovereignty-- including tribal casino opportunities, where he was the state SPOKESPERSON in pro-tribal casino referendums. Oh, and Macarro is anti union too.

On the Pechanga Tribal Council, one whose mother helped destroy our citizenship in the tribe, Andrew Masiel, is a Democrat , albeit the bottom of the barrel  Instead of being against Apartheid, like a good Democrat should be, in regards to protecting civil and human rights, he nourishes Apartheid.  He did oppose Kamala Harris on one issue

Butch Murphy brought a whole crowd of ignorant easily guided young people to vote AGAINST Native American civil rights plank at the  

Butch Murphy
Adopted Pechanga/NO BLOOD

Native American Caucus of the Democrat Party meeting

CNIGA  the tribal gaming group ALSO opposed our fight for our civil rights.

Remember Democrat Loretta Sanchez and her "red dot Indian" comment vs. a "whoo whoo Indian?   To be fair, Democrat Dennis Kucinich GOT it, and was brilliant is speaking out against it.

Obama ignored our pleas as did BOTH of his attorneys general Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch , though they poked their noses where they didn't need it.   But Jeff Sessions, you say?  Remember, who believe any GOP ever cared about civil rights this century?  DEMS say they DO.

DEMOCRATS grabbed the low hanging fruit of being "against" the REDSKINS nickname, yet turned blind eyes to the REAL abuses ...Dumbasses all, they even stood with RAY HALBRITTER, Oneida chairman who disenrolled, then BULLDOZED his own family's homes!

You 'member how Democrats in CA got all bent out of shape over Arizona's tougher immigration laws?   Yeah, they ignored elder abuse, apartheid, segregation and civil right violations in their OWN backyards

Surely Democrat governor Jerry Brown can be counted on to protect our civil rights.  What and give up a cool MILLION DOLLARS?  Don't call me Shirley......

You ' member when Assemblyman Luis Alejo (D) Salinas Honored Two Tribal Leaders from Tribes That Violated Their People's Civil Rights.  Yep, took a lot of their money too.

Compare what's happened by tribes in Democrat-run California, where tribal councils have:

Stripped tribal members of their citizenship
Denied voting rights to members
Taken away rightful healthcare to seniors
Blocked access to land on the reservation
Denied members due process of law, including legal representation, even writing tools.
Prohibition of practicing religion, including the right to pray at their ancestor's graves.
Threatened others if they speak out
Subjected some to ex post facto laws.
Banishment from reservation at a whim.
Failure to follow the tribal constitutions (Pechanga)
Disallow burials where their ancestors were buried.

DEMOCRATS, say one thing, do the other.

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