Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pechanga Chairman, Mark Macarro, Does Not Want Californians To Be Free to Gamble Online

First, Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro was the spokesperson for for Prop. 5 and Prop. 1a, where he promised that gaming would stay on current tribal lands. Now, we have tribes reservations shopping.

Then, the Macarro led Pechanga tribe tried to keep Californians from voting on Propositions 94-97, suing to invalidate signature gathering. Pechanga had to spend over $40 million more than the other tribes to overcome some bad publicity.

There were carjackings in front of the casino, their security guards beat Richard Swan, who over a year later still suffers from medical issues.

NOW, Mark Macarro, who led the council to act outside the tribes constitution and bylaws, wants to keep Californians from being able to have online poker.

Macarro testified before a California Senate hearing yesterday:

Macarro invoked the raw history of the state and federal governments breaking treaties with tribes.

"When times are good, the state has agreement with tribes. When times are bad, they break agreements with tribes. That's a dangerous road to go down," Macarro said.

This is the same Mark Macarro that had his tribe's casino put in extra Class II gaming machines, that looked like a slot machine, acted like a slot machine, but wasn't really a slot machine to try to get around the "state's agreement with tribes". A clear violation of the compacts, that almost led to a shutdown of the casino.

Macarro Threatens to withhold Money:

Arguing that the games violate the tribes' gambling agreements with California, he said his tribe may withhold more than $42.5 million in annual casino revenue-sharing payments to the state if California approves online poker.

So, we have the leader of a tribe, who tried to keep us from our rights to vote as citizens of California, which eliminated 25% of the tribe to fatten their per capita checks to $360,000 each, ripped healthcare from over 300 people, forcing the state to pick up that responsibility, NOW trying to keep the state from generating more income from POKER, which is already legal in California.

SHAME ON YOU, Mr. Mark Macarro
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