Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vote NO to Hillary: Video of What She's REALLY Like.

SOME COMPELLING EVIDENCE as to WHY you should NOT vote for Hillary:

UPDATE: Robert Reich, longtime friend of the Clintons and a member of former President Clinton's cabinet endorses BARACK OBAMA. I believe he knows Hillary better than all of us. Sam Nunn also endores Obama. And LONGTIME friend Bill Richardson.


Anonymous said...

While you are certainly as entitled to your view of the national political election as I or any other individual, mixing your presidential election opinions into this blog on the Pechanga dis-enrollment does a great dis-service to your central message, and to those that you represent. You have lost a great deal of credibility with me with your shallow reposting of political soundbites in a mud-slinging election. Perhaps you are not as different as those you complain about after all?

OPechanga said...

Not only am I entitled to my views of national politics, as owner of this blog, I'm entitled to put whatever I want on it.

You can help improve my service on Pechanga disenrollments. Tell me how to go about it.

Let's see, you are a Hillary lover, that's fine. So, we aren't allowed to sling mud as the candidates themselves are?

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that a commenter hinges your whole blog on your feelings for Hillary.