Thursday, October 20, 2016

SAY NO to DONALD TRUMP and Say NO to HILLARY, No Criminal in OUR White House

I sidestep into politics and updating this post from March,  now after 3 debates, the first won by Hillary, the 2nd Trump by a nose and the 3rd a tie, I'm:   #NEVERHILLARY, #NEVERTRUMP

Comments are OPEN, feel free to add your voice, either way. If WE can't discuss politics...what good are politicians?

I  say "in the White House" facetiously, because there's NO WAY a man like Donald Trump will win. (pass the crow fork, please..I misunderestimated the anti establishment fervor )


I can't believe that America can believe that this horrible person, Donald Trump is the person for them. He is a threat to all that's decent and he's NOT a conservative.

Just yesterday, at a rally, he asked a young woman, "ARE YOU FROM MEXICO?"  Like it's a bad thing.  I'm not from Mexico, but my great grandfather was, and he was here 50 year before Trump's MOTHER.

His plan to build a wall is fine, but WHY isn't he talking about arresting and perp walking employers who hire illegals? It's ILLEGAL to hire Illegals and going after one side is like arresting the JOHNS, but NOT the hookers.

Even a despicable person like Hillary Clinton, who has Holly Macarro as her Native American advisor can beat him, according to polls.  JUST BECAUSE I may use #crookedHillary doesn't make me PRO-Trump, Hillary still hates gays, failed in Libya, lied to us about her email server, and will profit from the presidency, her team has low opinions of blacks, Latinos.  
Hillary Clinton images
cartoon by BRANCO

JUST SAY NO to Trump who simply is not up to the task in my opinion. I have worked with CEO's of BILLION DOLLAR companies, and the comparision between Trump and them is....staggering.   

JUST SAY NO  to Hillary Clinton who is a criminal and a pathological liar, QUALIFIED, but UNFIT for our highest office. She takes donation from corrupt tribes, and really, you CANNOT believe she gives a crap about anyone whose last name isn't CLINTON ... She is two faced as they come and completely untrustworthy.... 

I will use MY vote for President on the LIBERTARIAN candidate, so my disgust for both Democrat and Republican is registered.  The (L) candidate won't win, the most votes ever received is about 1.3 million.  So let's TOP that number, so BOTH parties will know what we think of them.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blogs and first hand Indian news, but that's why I come to this site. Not politics

A. Robot said...

A Filipino Native American adviser is like Iron Eyes Cody representing Native people. How much did that opportunity cost?

Anonymous said...

Trump loos like Elmer Fudd in that photo.

Anonymous said...

I guess you forgot the United States was founded on slavery, genocide, and making women second class citizens. Trump is a natural fit for America.

Anonymous said...

Look's like he pulled that finger out of his butt?

Anonymous said...

I think he Dirty Sanchezed himself with that very finger.

Anonymous said...

WHO in the hell is writing this crap? Gomez or the other Idiot? Id stick to Indian news because thats about all the information you can give. The commenters make more sense than the original poster a majority of the time. ie Reinstatement. Do you guys switch off writing the blog because its sometimes frustrating.

Anonymous said...

It does not really matter who people pick, they are all corrupt and don't care about anyone or anything that doesn't consternation them. Otis a white mans world and alway will be, The blind stupid Indians like Mark Macarro who thinks he is one of them, but he will never be anything but sit in a vassal position.

OPechanga said...

Anonymous 12:29 is comical. He asks who's writing... when the VERY FIRST line says WHO. So, is he brain damaged?

Bring your side to the comments if you think Trump is so great, or heaven forbid, you think Hillary is.

Oh, and you fail to tell us who YOU are....

Anonymous said...

Oh, must be Cuevas.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is Lucifer. He’s a crazed lunatic hell bent on seizing control of the United States of America so he can burn it to the ground, while laughing maniacally. Why?
Because he’s pure evil, that’s why. Right? Huh? What do you mean that sounds stupid?! That’s pretty much the BS line we’ve all been fed since the Presidential nomination race started.
You’ve only got to turn on the television, open a newspaper or check your Twitter feed to see it. The Liberal PR machine is working overdrive trying to make Trump a laughing stock. And yet nothing sticks, does it? He’s called ‘Teflon Trump’ for a reason, you know…
Donald John Trump, Sr. should be the next Commander-in-Chief. And here’s why:

1. He’s not afraid to speak his mind. But you knew that already. We’re tired of statesmen skirting around subjects. Trump doesn’t beat around the bush. He just wants to beat Jeb Bush. It’s time for a man in the hot seat who’ll put people in their place. People like Putin, Kim Jong-un and, er, Cher…
2. Trump is a fresh face. Alright, we’ve all heard of him and seen him in magazines and on television hundreds of times, but we’ve never seen him lurking around the Senate, picking up a paycheck, doing nothing.
He’s not a career politician who says whatever he thinks the people want to hear. He’s running for office to make an actual difference. And he can do so by being different.
Of the 16 Republican candidates, all but 3 of them have been senators or governors at some point. Don’s not on the D.C gravy train.
3. Despite what you heard on The Daily Show, his immigration policy is actually sound. Like it or not, ignore it or don’t, but immigration is the greatest issue affecting the United States today.
And there’s only one person coming up with a viable solution to it with his Mexican border wall idea (which he’s promised Mexico will pay for).
Sure, we might have fewer taco joints opening up in Texas and California once he’s Prez, but hey – that’ll only help fight the obesity problem, right?!4. If he makes president, Trump won’t be owned by anyone. He won’t have to return any favors. Why? Because he’ll have paid for his own campaign. Unlike the other candidates.
They’ll beg, steal and borrow to finance things. And that invariably means they’ll have plenty of backs to scratch once in office…
5. Despite the weak smears, the man’s squeaky clean. Unless you let your view on people be directed entirely on their choice of hairstyle, there isn’t actually anything about his life or past that’s controversial or offensive other than he is divorced (and who isn’t nowadays).
Not outrageous personal issues, no brushes with the law… And when you’ve been in the public eye for as long as Donald Trump has, any skeletons rattling around in your closet present at least a bone for the tabloids to sneak a peek of.
Yet – there’s nothing. Can you say the same of Hillary Clinton? Or all of Trump’s Republican rivals? We don’t think so.
6. The man’s all business. So he’s a natural diplomat, negotiator and bargainer. It’s in his blood. You don’t become – and remain – a billionaire without intuition, tact and diplomacy. His business acumen and success encourages natural respect from those sat around the table with him.
7. If we don’t all get behind Trump, we’re most likely going to be seeing Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office again. And they’ve only just got the stains off the drapes from the last time a Clinton got comfortable there.
8. Despite what the Liberal Elite will shout at you, Donald Trump, unlike any of their Democratic candidates, actually cares for the little man.
He scores well in polls for a reason. The man – and woman – on the street relates to him and backs him. Across all ages. And all ethnicities.
Donald Trump is leading the Presidential nomination race for a reason. It’s not spin or PR or a mistake in the numbers. He’s just the best man for the job. It’s time to be bold and flip off the establishment classes.

C’mon… Let’s make America Great Again!

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

FYI though I have contributed articles in the past it is not on a regular basis. The idea is provide an honest source of information and reasoned opinions biased in favor of promoting American Indian rights to self-determination and self-governance. When I state facts I try to back them up with the sources, and of course anyone who wants to know the source can always ask.

This election is a fascinating portrait of a nation succumbing to silliness. We don't really have viable candidates who can be elected based on their good reputations, legislative record, and well devised policies, so we are getting a wealthy celebrity businessman with some outrageous political opinions, a wife of a former president famous for his damaging peccadilloes who has a pending FBI investigation hanging over head, and one straightforward kind of a guy who makes the other two look ridiculous but who has a difficult chance of winning because his integrity prevents him from chasing big money contributions.

None of these candidates appear to consider American Indian issues of high enough importance to include on his or her platform, so as far as how it will affect Indians if any of these candidates are elected it remains to be seen. About the only thing I can say about Trump is that he is heavily invested in hotels and gaming just like Indian tribes. I don't know if he views tribes as competition or if he will promote the entire gaming business because it will benefit him personally. He ostensible racism may be a political ploy. It definitely has garnered a lot of attention.

Hillary Clinton is in danger of being indicted on espionage charges for harboring classified information on a personal server. Aside from that she has a poor record in foreign relations as Secretary State and a completely unremarkable record as a Senator. She and her husband have been famous for being survivors in the storm of adverse reactions to the various revelations regarding wrongdoing both in and out of office. I find her political positions to be very insincere and calculated. In my estimation she is a manufactured candidate without true credentials of success other than those she has leveraged on the coattails of her husband.

Bernie Sanders has tons of sincerity, and an extraordinary record of sponsoring and pushing through progressive amendments to legislation that have help many Americans. In a simple comparison to the other candidates he is far better equipped to handle the job of managing the executive branch of federal government than either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. He has far more experience, a reputation for integrity, and a deep compassion for the plight of ordinary citizens.

I hope there are enough Americans out there who can make that same comparison. Eight years of Bush Jr. followed by eight years of Obama have really eroded the state of the Union. Those two worked hard to increase the power of the presidency and to amplify partisan politics to the point where Congress has become ineffectual.

Now let's get back to Indian issues and let the election play out.

Anonymous said...

thanks Restitution

OPechanga said...

Trump hates Indians and will NOT be good for Native Americans.
Hillary LOVES RICH Casino Indians and will not be good for those of us harmed by our tribes.

Anonymous said...

Why? Are laws of the tribes not inline? What do you think Trump will do? Take away your status as a Native American? Oh, your tribe already did that to you. The President of the United States does not have the power to abolish tribes.Congress does. You should be more worried about your local Senators and Congressmen. Trump will win and what will you say you then? Original Pechanga, give us some examples of how he hurts Natives. Maybe he'll give us some jobs instead of feeding our tribes bad habits. Just a thought.

White Buffalo said...

I agree with July 31, 2016 at 1:58 AM. We should be looking at all of those seats in the House and the Senate as there are quite a few. I also agree it is congress who writes the law.

"A total of 469 seats in the U.S. Congress (34 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 8, 2016."

Those incumbents are several, and they do not want the publicity in their districts. How many do you think would support our cause?

Anonymous said...

Good luck voting in a libertarian, a wasted vote. Sad that people don't like Trump mainly due to the fact he speaks bluntly, but who cares, we are not voting for a nice person. We are voting for someone to get shit done for once and it's not a bad idea for once to vote someone other than a politician in. Our country is in the shitter so who do we look to? The same politician after politician we put back in office. Go against the mainstream and the grain and vote for Trump