Sunday, May 17, 2015

UPDATE: Why Is It STILL OKAY to Disparage Native Americans? Loretta Sanchez is Just The Latest. Do we NEED her as SENATOR?

Whether it's tomahawk chops, mascots named Redskins, or caricatures, WHY is it still okay to make Native Americans the butt of jokes?

Yesterday's episode with Democrat Senate hopeful LORETTA SANCHEZ, keeps the issue out front.  Her simple-minded thinking, that she has to use a 'war whoop' to help her constituents understand the difference between an "Indian American" and the other kind.    Should we take some solace that she didn't insult the other group by know the RED DOT Indians?

I'm reminded of the issue a few years back when KFI radio's Bill Handel came out and stated that it was only ONE DRUNK INDIAN against expanded gaming.  His refusal to understand the issue then resulted in his true feelings for Natives.

Do we need a person like Loretta Sanchez as one of our 100 Senators in Congress.   I think NOT.  What do you think?

UPDATE:   Loretta has apologized... some of her best friends are Native Americans.  During her apology Sunday, Representative Sanchez claimed to have Native American ancestry on her mother’s side.
“They know my record,” she said, referring to Native Americans. “They know how much I have spent – the time that I have spent with them at their tribal councils, listening to them, advocating for them. They know that I have always had their backs. And they know what many of you don’t know – that like so many Mexican Americans, I am proudly Native American on my mother’s side.


White Buffalo said...

This comment puts her in the same company as Sarah Palin. Probably just as smart.

Anonymous said...

Aspiring to be Sarah Palin is not a good thing.
Loretta is not very smart and neither are Californians, for electing and re-electing her.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we elected Boxer over and over too... oh...we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Native American on her mothers side,maybe she can get enrolled in san Pasqual.shit, she may even qualify for a seat on the tribal council.