Monday, April 30, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Speaks out against Disenrollments and Civil Rights Violations

We were able to give Dennis and his lovely wife our handout that detailed what Pechanga was doing to our people and he grasped that it was a violation of civil rights immediately.  "This is a violation of civil rights!" , he told me.  "Yes, sir" I replied.

As the Pechanga Tribal Council and their ambulance chaser looked on, Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich spoke out against tribal disenrollments and violations of civil rights. "It's Wrong!"

Pechanga has disenrolled 25% of their adult members, causing them to lose per capita payments, health coverage, educational assistance and conversely, enriching the remaining members.

Tribal Council Members Butch Murphy and Mark Luker looked pale. OF COURSE, since Murphy has NO Indian Blood, that's easy to do.

There were many in the audience that rose in approval of Kucinich's words. It was refreshing to see a politician who wasn't sitting on his hands, or worse sticking his head in the sand.

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