Sunday, May 25, 2014

50 Democrat Senators Think REDSKINS Nickname is MORE Important than Tribes That Harm Their OWN PEOPLE via Apartheid, Disenrollment and Theft of Per Capita.

50 Senators of the Democratic Party, including California's own Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, recently signed a two page letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asking him to use the recent NBA/Donald Sterling controversy to get the Washington Redskins to drop their team name.

REALLY SENATORS? ;You grab the low hanging fruit of a nickname controversy versus those that you have repeatedly ignored?

Sen. Boxer IGNORES the issues of water rights theft by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians   of Temecula CA. ;In fact, she SPONSORED this Apartheid practicing tribe's attempt to steal water from reservation allottees.

Senators, the Chukchansi Tribe of Fresno has eliminated 60% of their tribe, turning of the heat to homes and stripping the citizenship of original language speakers.

The REDDING RANCHERIA forced a family to disinter their ancestor for a DNA test PROVING their ancestry with NO REASONABLE DOUBT, yet still eliminated the family of their FIRST chairman.

The stories are numerous here on this blog and on other sites.  YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS thinking the Redskins controversy is worthy of your entry.

LOOK AT INDIAN COUNTRY FIRST.   Tell the NCAI to GET SERIOUS on their OWN membership.
LOOK for JUSTICE for Native Americans that have LOST their citizenship via disenrollment, while YOU have turned you back.
RETURN their campaign contributions for those that have harmed their children and their elders.

The LIST IS GROWING SENATORS, under YOUR WATCH, while your grandstand for publicity on a football team's NICKNAME........GET SERIOUS.


Luiseno said...

It is because they are afraid of appearing to be "anti American Indian"
if they go against any Indian Leader. No Politician wants the stigma
of being an oppressor of The American Indian people. I realize that
those who have chosen to dissolve our Tribe via disenrollment do not represent
the true or truth of there respective Tribes, but I am afraid
that most politicians are unaware of this fact.

What we need to do is attach this label of being anti or against the
American Indian. Asking them to answer the question "why have you chosen
to ignore the plea of thousands of American Indians who have been harmed
by their OWN PEOPLE via Apartheid, Disenrollment and Theft of Per Capita?

Oldman from Pala said...

Thats a good idea. Where do i sign.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Excellent Idea Luiseno. I bet if you make a simple letter and send it to OP, it will be posted and people will print it to sign it, email it, or fax it. Probably all these actions for some of us.

Anonymous said...

I support eliminating racial slurs as team names and do not see how the Senators asking the Washington Redskins' bone headed owner to change their team mascot’s name adversely affects our position. It is a waste of time to weigh in on a controversy that the Redskins will, in time, certainly lose. Stanford University used to be the Stanford Indians for about 100 years but they changed their name to the Stanford Cardinals in the late 1960s to avoid offending us. The Redskins are 50 years late, and we should not allow ourselves get dragged into their public relations blunder.

Luiseno said...

therein lies the crux of our problem (in my opinion). And
that is I myself don't think
that form letters, or sign
this list make much of an impact.
A bunch of faxed exact copies don't make as much as an impact
as individual letters written from the heart would make.

I myself have sent off my fair
share of faxed copies of letters,
but I never really felt like it
would make much of an impact and
thought probably was destined to
make its way to the recycle bin.

I feel like those letters I have
sent off were at least read (or
hope they were) when I had wrote
out something that was "different".

But then again I am willing to concede that I am completely wrong on this matter.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

Thank you for sharing again.

I believe that anything is better than nothing. Whatever someone chooses to do or not to do is OK. My feeling about sharing copies of documents help others who maybe are busy with other things, health, family, work, to-do lists, and don't have time. The may find a couple minutes to print, sign and share there thoughts on a signed letter or document. When the emails, faxes, letters are hitting the receivers over and over they share with others. That way the truth is being shared, instead of lies, and someone somewhere is rattling the cup. The lies are being exposed if anything is being sent in, even a shared document or letter. I took allot of time off, but I'm trying to refocus lol