Monday, October 31, 2016

Andrew Masiel, Pechanga's Civil Rights Abuser & Disenroller Democrat Candidate FOR State Assembly

Are Democrats scraping the bottom of the barrel for candidates with Andrew Masiel?

I noticed that readers were coming to my blog looking at a post about former Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Tribal Council Member Andrew Masiel Sr.  It was an unusually high number, so it set my curiosity meter off.   Masiel Sr. is the Democratic candidate for State Assembly.  Count me as #NEVERMASIEL


(951) 676-5310 (Business)
Business Consultant
Andrew Masiel Sr.
Has he and the Democrats NO SHAME?  

The man who led the fight to disenroll HUNDREDS of Native Americans from his own tribe, leaving them outcasts on their own reservation, now under APARTHEID.

He didn't have the decency to look out for his own people,  recuse himself from sitting in judgement of his mother and aunt's decisions,  or even show up on time to our appeals hearings, now wants OUR support and votes for CA state assembly against Marie Waldron?  NOTE:  THIS IS NOT A PRO-WALDRON post, it is ANTI-Masiel.

Here are some of his disqualifications:

  • Apartheid and Segregation of Allottees of  the Temecula Reservation  
  • Stripping citizenship from rightful Pechanga people
  • Stripping  Voting Rights from tribal members leaving them disenfranchised
  • Theft of Per Capita surpassing $500 million 
  • Destruction of Heritage  of Manuela Miranda descendants, Petra Tosobol descendants and Paulina Hunter descendants
  • Failure to follow the factual evidence that ties families to tribes   
  • Banishment for life for exercising the right of free speech 
  • Tribal Constitutional Violations as a member of Pechanga Council (failure to follow the will of the people, ending disenrollment)
Other questions that need answering:

Was Andy Masiel Ever Under Internal Tribal Ethics Investigation?
Was Masiel aware of his sister's theft of slot machines from Pechanga?
Was there a quid pro quo in the attempt to get his sister reinstated to the tribe, if John Macarro was protected?  Ask Chairman Macarro.
Should Masiel have recused himself in the disenrollment appeals because his mother and aunt were on the enrollment committee?
Was he aware of the criminal elements operating at Pechanga Casino exposed in Cosentino v. Pechanga?


Anonymous said...

He was aware of the theft of slot machines and of the numerous investigations of theft at PRC, he just choose to not meet with, nor take part in any investigation. (When I was interviewed as part of an investigation I was sneaked through his office into the tribal chambers conference room.)

Anonymous said...

What happened to the ethics investigation into his activities? Did the tribe not care about his ethics after removal from council?

Anonymous said...

He's a dick!

White Buffalo said...

An ethics investigation at Pechanga Now that is rich. Who wi8ll be on the committee ED. Burbee or Francis Miranda?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Masil is a crook! He was fired from the Soboba Tribal Administration for stealing tens of thousands $$$. Then he comes back to Pechanga Tribal Council to join his sister and nephew in stealing 100's of Thousands from the tribe. Claimed he was no part of it but when investigations started on him he resigns from the Council. Hmmmm must need a new source (State Funds)to rob!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it his cousin that replaced him on council? Raymond Basquez? Keeping it in the family.

Anonymous said...

His grandmother was a thief, his mother was a puppet who was NOT qualified to sit in judgement of the Manuela Miranda descendants....


Anonymous said...

Be sure to contact local media, papers as well as tv news, to get the word out on this guy. When will the protests begin so that the media will take an even closer look?

Anonymous said...

Who can create a Facebook page to get this info out on him?

Anonymous said...

I thought you could not belong to another tribe and then apply for membership at pechanga ????

Anonymous said...

So, we are to believe that Andy never talked to his sister about the slot machines (Class II) BEFORE they were sold?

That he never gave her advice?

That he didn't try to recoup the money for the tribe

That he didn't care in John Macarro stole from the tribe, as long as his sister got back into the tribe

That he would care about his white constituents as representative, when he didn't care about 25% of his OWN TRIBE??

Anonymous said...

This is a man that would not follow his own tribal constitution and not uphold Indian civil rights. Now we are to believe he going to uphold the constitution and civil rights of the United States.

Anonymous said...

That's not scraping the bottom of the barrel, that's picking it up and using the slime underneath.

Anonymous said...

With all of his actions, it sounds like he could be the next Pechanga
Tribal Chairman.
That is when Macarro is diced up and feed to the pigs as slop.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who left the prisoner number off of the mug shot.

Anonymous said...

Your post says he running for Congress against Marie Waldron. He's not running for Congress, he's running for State Assembly. Get your basics facts straight before you go and slander people on the internet.

OPechanga said...

Thank you for reading the post and drawing the attention to my error. I have corrected it. It was correct in the Headline and the first paragraph.

THERE is NO SLANDER, which would be VOCAL....get YOUR facts right.

Also, the issues raised are correct, and we will be attending some of the fundraisers to pass out flyers...

'aamokat said...

There is also no libel involved either as everything said about Masiel is true prove it wrong if it is not true.

Anonymous said...

He looks like Amy Duschbag from the Regional Office of the BIA.

A. Robot said...

Does this jackass have no conception of his terrible deeds? He must be a sociopath.

Anonymous said...

I heard there is a family member that got disenrolled has more proof or found more proof that their family belongs in that tribe...

WeRone said...

Andrew Masiel Sr. ignores the truth and believes he can justify Pechangas disenrollemnt as he is a member and council member during the disenrollements. Ask any family member to produce evidence and Masiel will ignore it. He knows tribal Elders know how the band was created and who was a member during its creation. However that documentation is ignored by him and others. How would he act on the States Assembly if he receives your support in that arena. Until he honors All members rights and ALL our Ancestors who created Pechanga, say No to him!

'aamokat said...

He is likely not trying to get into the state assembly to represent the people of his district but instead to get political power for himself and to get things passed that are favorable to Pechanga's business profits.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Pala and I'm against anyone who supports tribal disenrollment unless it's done the right way. My family and I and anyone Inspeak to will not vote for Andrew Masiel. I am a democrat but will still vote republican. You brought this on yourself Andrew.

Anonymous said...

He fits right in with the DemocRATs!
Keep electing them!
This will only get worse!
It's time for change.
Vote out ALL DemocRATS.
Start at the top, VOTE TRUMP.

We will never be our own people with these
slimy democRATS.

Look at his smug face! A reflection of lying


That man should be arrested for being ugly.

Anonymous said...

What did Masiel do with all the money that was donated to his failed campaign against Marie Waldron?

Does he get to keep it?

Does he have to account for it?