Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hopland Tribe: Speak Out Against the Narrative, LOSE YOUR JOB

The Hopland Tribe, which disenrolled 74 of their members a few years back, is now wielding their power to silence dissent.  On her FB page, enrollment committee member Carla Antone stated that she was REMOVED from the committee without DUE PROCESS, for requesting an investigation into disenrollment.   That seems like a reasonable request for an enrollment committee member, yes?  

Is removal the right course of action?  Why didn't they just say NO?

Seems the Hopland Tribe's CONSTITUTION, doesn't allow verbal removal:

Do laws even matter at Hopland?  Or just the ones the chairman likes?  Does the entire council agree with the action to remove?  Is Hall of Shame member Iyesha Miller still pulling strings? 

From their public website, here are the tribal council's emails where you can ask them

Sonny J. Elliott Sr. – Chair –    
Diana Billy-Elliott – Vice Chair – 
Suzanne T. Romero – Secretary – 
Brian Yepez – Treasurer –       
David Steele – Member at Large –
Joe San Diego – Member at Large
Steven Elliott – Member at Large –

The Hopland Tribe doesn't care much for laws, remember when their Marijuana Patch got raided just 2 years ago?

Michelle Hammock, one of the Hopland 74, wrote a piece on the immorality of Tribal disenrollment for our protest in Sacramento.  Destroying the lives of so many and disrespecting the ancestors is shameful.

Should Freedom of Speech be protected on Tribal reservations?  Do tribal councils like those of Hopland dishonor themselves or their people by infringing on civil rights?

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