Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Native Adviser, Holly Cook Macarro is Wife of a TYRANT, Who Harms Native Americans and Dishonors Elders

Hillary Clinton, PRETENDING
to care about Natives?
Over Ten Thousand Native Americans have been harmed by their own tribal leaders and they look for justice. Is Hillary Clinton the right president for them? We already KNOW that Trump is not right for America. With her choice for Native American advisor, now we see why her "HONEST and Trusthworthy" poll numbers are so low.

Her Native American Adviser is none other that lobbyist Holly Cook Macarro, who supported her husband's efforts to steal water from Temecula Indian Reservation allottees, and going so far as to write a bill doing just that.  She also advised Macarro on the dismembering of hundred from the Pechanga tribe. Pillow talk to dishonor our ancestors.

Hillary Clinton Advisor Holly Cook-Macarro
and husband Mark Macarro of Pechanga 

Did the HRC team vet Cook-Macarro?
Does Holly's husband Mark Macarro actions fall under her responsibility?  Did she advise that violating civil rights, stripping elders of their citizenship and health benefits, physically removing children from tribal schools was WRONG?

As for Mrs. Macarro's husband, under his tenure as Chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula, California, there have been numerous gross violations of human and civil rights committed against tribal members. As a result, over 300 tribal members, many elders and children, have been stripped of their tribal citizenship. Many hundred more eligible tribal members have been denied enrollment with the tribe as well. The results of the gross human and civil rights violations did not stop at disenrollment, as each victim was stripped of voting rights, healthcare, education, and elder benefits/assistance.

Maybe Hillary and Holly DO NOT REALLY care about Native Rights?  Maybe they only care about getting Hillary elected on the appearance of caring.  Can we trust a Presidential candidate, whose main accomplishment at State was keeping her emails a secret?  Would she choose an attorney general who would actually LOOK at the human rights abuses in Indian Country?  We know that President Obama's two attorney generals haven't even responded to requests for help.

Interesting to note that Holly Cook-Macarro's firm IETAN Consulting represented 3 tribes for what they reported were HUMAN RIGHTS.   While at the same time, she enjoyed the fruits of VIOLATIONS of human rights of her husband's tribal people and the dishonoring of Pechanga ancestors.  At least six of the tribes represented by IETAN were disenrolling tribes.

Can we trust Hillary?

TRUMP GOOD FOR Native America



"There Corruption will fail". Ther foundation is money and not the Spiritual creator. "The earth will Cry for many days "and their ignorance will be known when the Capital is Charged with fire and energy.

A. Nonymous said...

Isn't she Filipino? WTF does she know about Native issues, other than being married to a tiny Native dictator?

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

It is clearly a token effort to show interest in Indian issues. To the Clinton campaign Indian issues mean very little otherwise she would have retained a more respected advisor.

I think Hillary has little respect for the number of votes she can get from Indian country but doesn't want to offend. Little does she know that her choice of an adviser is both offensive and dismissive.

White Buffalo said...

So if not those two choices then who Mr. Sanders, what is his record on Native American issues? I have a feeling he is no different than the rest who represent the "establishment" Have no faith in the government of man, but pray that a leader(s) will be found.

Anonymous said...

Sad day when American's vote for Trump, because they are tired of false lies and bullshit from congress.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully when Trump is elected he will close these indian casinos down!!

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

May the next president recognize that Indians have invested a great deal in their gaming establishments, that in many cases it is the only income for them, that tribal gaming is a big benefit to the community, and that the federal government has a responsibility to protect the interests of Indians.

I realize there are many racist bigots who begrudge Indians their opportunity to own and operate gaming businesses. They refuse to recognize that gaming is an investment opportunity for a minority group with an historic disadvantage. They could care less that Indians have been herded onto reservations in remote regions with little to no economic opportunity. They have no compassion for Indians who receive substandard medical care, education and housing. They like it better when Indians stay on their reservations in poverty and misery and are a burden on society.

I suggest their turn their bigotry toward immigrants and Muslims if they are backing Trump. These are more likely objects for their irrational hatred and their candidate will approve.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Mark for shooting a load into Hillary's eye.

Anonymous said...

Probably just pre-ejaculate....

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

there is something sour about Hillarys look.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:50 AM
How about the hookups for Sonny Diaz, did they get approved for the services?
If not, what are the Members going to do about it?