Monday, November 26, 2018

CLINT EASTWOOD'S film, INDIAN HORSE on RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS Screened at Pechanga Tribe, which RIPPED Native Children from their OWN SCHOOL

Clint Eastwood
Executive Producer of Indian Horse

Sad bit of irony, yes? A film by Clint Eastwood on the trauma of Native American children screened on a reservation that ABUSED their own children.

At the Pechanga Casino Resort in Temecula, Calif. a mostly Native American audience filed into the resort’s theater to attend the California Indigenous and Native American Film Festival’s screening of “Indian Horse,” a film about an indigenous residential school in Canada.

Pechanga has an Apartheid system of segregation and descendants of the HUNTER family were escorted OFF Tribal school property after disenrolling their parents.  Here is my cousin Akeva McKeaver explaining how Pechanga Tribal Rangers forcefully removed her children from school.

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