Monday, November 21, 2016

Would Trump's AG pick Jeff Sessions BE ANY Better on Native Civil Rights Abuse Than Lynch or Holder?

We have been asking our last two Attorneys General of the United States to have their civil rights divisions look into the civil rights abuses by corrupt tribes of their people for EIGHT YEARS. Crickets chirping was all we heard.
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Attorney General Candidate
Jeff Sessions (R for racist) AL
Today, on the Sunday news shows, Democrat minority leader Chuck Shumer expressed concern that new Attorney General choice Jeff Sessions would be concerning to him as a AG choice, because he's unsure if he would keep a strong civil rights division.  While it may be true, the last two have done NOTHING for us.  Maybe we are invisible to Shumer too.

 Remember when we said abut HOLDER:
Eric Holder
Cipher as AG
What is it about Holder?  Is he all flash and no substance?   He got America all riled up thinking he would get a civil rights case against George Zimmerman too, after he won his self defense case in the death of his attacker Trayvon Martin.   Another EPIC FAIL, ERIC.   The failure was not in NOT finding civil rights abuses...but in trying to pull the wool over our eyes in saying that there were.

Remember when we asked Loretta Lynch
Loretta Lynch
No Better
We have all seen the horrendous video of a young girl's violent arrest in South Carolina, which resulted in the firing of the police officer involved.  The FBI and DOJ will be looking into the issue.  WHY THEN, does the DOJ REFUSE to look into the violations of over TEN THOUSAND Native American's Civil Rights?    Is the priority that which gets news coverage?   If so, we must increase our efforts to make news.....
It's time for AG Loretta Lynch to investigate the Bureau of Indian Affairs
.  For failing to protect the rights of Native Americans, from abuse BY Native Americans.  Please fax a letter.

We MUST start anew with Sessions if confirmed...or we can give up and sit on our hands...which MIGHT get results.  The New York times is concerned about illegal immigrant rights and Sessions, but Native American civil rights?  Not at all...


White Buffalo said...

I am not holding my breath or hope, but I will send some letters to whomever it is that gets the job. Just because I do not trust them or like them does not mean I should give up on the effort to change Indian policy.

Anonymous said...

But you have to know going in that Trump is not big on Indians or their Casinis. He wants his buddies to get the gambling money. He didn't have much luck with Trump29 and you know how he holds a grudge.

Anonymous said...

Pala is not getting a Christmas bonus this year,get rid of the e.c.there no good,wake up pala.Your going to lose your rez.