Saturday, November 24, 2018

Pechanga Tribal Member Calls for Disenrollment of REMAINING APIS DESCENDANTS

The Pechanga Tribe is in Distress

Are more Tribal Disenrollments back on tap at the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula?

I wrote an opinion piece for the Temecula Patch (Pechanga Ended Birthright ... )about tribes that disenroll their members, such a Pechanga and the Pala Band of Mission Indians a couple of weeks ago. The tribe's mouthpiece, who goes by the nom de plume of Another View responded, in a subsequent Temecula Patch piece .  Which proves he's either hilariously misinformed, or deliberately misleading
The opinion piece about "birthright citizenship" at Pechanga has no merit. The families removed from the Pechanga tribal roll simply lacked the proof needed to establish tribal membership. One family, the Mirandas, traces its ancestry to Pablo Apis.

One scholarly source describes his origin thus: "Pablo Apis, a LuiseƱo Indian, was born about 1792 at Guajome near Mission San Luis Rey," now within Oceanside, California. [See here:] The Catholic Church granted Pablo Apis land in the vicinity of Temecula, for his services to the Church, and he resided there.

He died in the 1850s, before the formation of the Pechanga Indian Reservation in 1882. This land the Pechanga Band of Indians occupied. He had no association with this group of Indians which split off from the Temecula Indians.

Shamelessly, the descendants of Pablo Apis claim a status for him false in fact.  (OP:  So, can we intimate that he believe the OTHER APIS descendants are to be disenrolled?  If not, WHY? Why are some okay, but not others? 

This is strange to those of us, including the Apis descendants of Manuela Miranda. Why? Because there are STILL descendants of Apis IN THE TRIBE, as members. So is Another View saying that SOME descendants, such as Francis Miranda who was one of the leaders of the disenrollment movement (including her OWN FAMILY), and who voted to KICK out her own family, has outlived their usefulness? WHY would the tribe accept SOME Apis descendants but not others if they had NO VALID CLAIM as tribal members?

Should all of them FEAR for their per capita... er, their tribal citizenship? WILL MORE DISENROLLMENTS HAPPEN AT PECHANGA. Is the casino doing that badly after expansion, they need more money?

WATCH YOUR BACKS APIS Descendants remaining in the tribe, they are COMING FOR YOU.


Anonymous said...

And as far as the Hunter are concerned if they claim that Paulina Hunter was not Pechanga Indian and was just a neighbor than what about her sister Makela Quilig who the Macaros claim their Pechanga ancester??? But wait! Makela died childless!!! Her Spanish husband Juan Macaro inherited his wife’s land! And had children before marrying Makela! That means they are not Pechanga!

OPechanga said...

All remaining APIS descendants should fear for their wallets....but Karma..would be wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Boot them!

Anonymous said...

Frances Miranda is a useful idiot, doing what she thought would benefit her. Screwing her own family....
She tried to appease the crocodile, so it would eat her last. Ed Burbee has no use for her anymore.

Anonymous said...

What casino are Larry and Anthony Miranda robbing now?

Anonymous said...

The one in TJ where they stock piled some of the slot machines with Jenny Miranda.

Anonymous said...

Why in hell didn't this tribe disenroll these members before the Casino was built.
Don't try to bullshit your way out that it's not about the money
because what other reason could it be.
All you disenrolling Tribes have done is open a big can worms that can and most likely be used against you when new Leaders are voted in
and that's a sure bet for the betting man.
So you leaders should do either two things starting NOW,
either re-enroll or watch your own wallets because in the end all you will have in your wallets is a bunch of expired credit cards and lot of memories that flew the coco's nest.

Anonymous said...

I thought that when you were elected Chairman that you were supposed to live on the Reservation.
What does your Constitution say.

Anonymous said...

I have spent a lot of time with the Dineh,Hopi,Zuni,Acoma and I truly see the difference. No culture here no traditional values just plain white man's greed! So sad.