Thursday, July 21, 2016

Holly Cook Macarro, Wife of Tribal Chairman That has STOLEN $500 MILLION from Disenrollees Raises $400K to HILLARY is reporting a Washington Post story of big time lobbyists raising money for the ethically challenged Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary Clinton
Ethically Challenged Democrat Candidate

Prominent Indian lobbyist Holly Cook Macarro has raised $431,000 for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, The Washington Post reports.
As a bundler, Macarro was one of the lobbyists who raised the most money for the Hillary Victory Fund, the paper reported. The fund is a joint effort of Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
Macarro is a member of the Red Lake Nation who worked at the White House during the Bill Clinton administration. She is now a partner at Ietan Consulting, an Indian law, lobbying and policy firm.
Macarro is married to Mark Macarro, once the subject of a recall attempt, the chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. Macarro, along with a felon were recently re-elected to the Tribal Council.

The tribe, based in California, has donated $144,100 to the DNC, including $100,200 for the upcoming Democratic National Convention.
Clinton is set to

Pechanga is well known as the tribe that has stolen over $500 million from members via disenrollment, a term used to describe the stripping of citizenship from Native Americans.  Pechanga also practices apartheid and segregation on their reservation in Temecula CA.


Anonymous said...

I think Hillary,just went in herself.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Hillary just took it in the ass again.

Anonymous said...

What did you say Hillary, you think Andrew Masiel just goosed you?

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