Thursday, November 10, 2016

THE NIGC Should SUSPEND NOOKSACK TRIBE's Recognition and Right to Run Their Casino for DENYING Counsel to Nooksack 306

Nooksack Tribe is out of control and their constitution and rights should be SUSPENDED.   Here is a letter threatening noted attorney Gabe Galanda of Galanda Broadman for standing up for his clients.

Is this a 6th Amendment violation?   The Nooksack Tribal council is NOT recognized as legitimate...why are they still enjoying the benefits they are not entitled to?


Anonymous said...

The NIGC only exists in theory.

Anonymous said...

So because a tribe is doing something that is being met with opposition, they should have their tribes rights striped?? Our actions as Tribes across Indian country have been met with opposition since this land was invaded and probably before that. It is a tribes sovereign right to protect their tribe, their resources, their membership, their culture and their identities. If these people don't belong, then why is that the fault if the tribe? Do they have the required documentation to prove they meet the membership criteria? I know I can produce mine. Its a requirement by the tribe to fall under the membership criteria, to be enrolled. Its simple. If they have proper documentation and fall under that criteria outlined in the tribes constitution (just like EVERYONE else has to), then what is this fight about. Ive seen a few comments about how the council would not accept their documents, so are the documents they provided the required docs? Do they show that they are eligible for enrolment under the constitutions requirements? Or are they asking the council to accept what they have, even though it would be mean that they would be allowing them to enroll under false pretenses?? I had to submit a birth certificate and a family tree so that enrollment could link my birth certificate to my dads, his to his parents and so on... To prove that I was eligible under the same criteria the rest of my tribal members enrolled under. Granted, there are a few different sections you can fall under foot enrollment but every tribal member had to meet at least one, with the proof to back it up. If they were enrolled under one section of the outlined criteria and it was found that later, they were falsey enrolled, then that wrong should be corrected.