Friday, November 4, 2016

After World Series Loss, Cleveland Indians To Change Name to the CRACKERS. Offending Catholics is a Larger Market and May Turn the Tide

After a stunning defeat to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, Cleveland Indians officials believe the defeat was the result of NOT offending enough people with their Chief Wahoo mascot.

Red Face Chief Wahoo
Doesn't offend enough people
"Hey, we were only offending SOME Indians" say Director of Operations, Stanley Honkie.  "It's time we went after a larger market and make our mascot something that can offend many more people" he continued. "It may lead to a better TV deal"

One new logo thought to be in the front running is the communion wafer.  If they call it a cracker, they can offend America's 100 million Catholics and their sympathizers.

Let's offend Catholics!
Stay tuned.....

*yes, of course it's satire......


White Buffalo said...

This is a joke right???

Anonymous said...

The term cracker actually refers to the slave drivers that would crack the whip on the plantations, and not the food cracker.