Thursday, October 1, 2015

UPDATE: San Pasqual Tribe's ALTO FAMILY DESCENDANTS lose in Federal Court

We've written about the Alto family case numerous times, now, the Federal Court has ruled.

The Marcus Alto descendants were enrolled based on information subsequently determined to be inaccurate and, as a result, their names must be deleted from the Band's roll.

THIS "Case is  closed."

The Trask family should be concerned, as they are even less San Pasqual...

UPDATE:  I have a statement on the ALTO CASE:  ON TO THE 9th Circuit!

 The Alto Family will be appealing to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal. The district court agreed with Echo Hawk, but there are substantial grounds to appeal the district court's decision to the 9th Circuit.  
In fact, Regional sided with the Alto's evidence as did District Court Judge Irma Gonzales who found a likelihood that the Alto family would prevail on the merits when the preliminary injunction was issued. The Altos' fight is with the BIA and they look forward to Ninth Circuit review of Echo hawk's decision and clearing up this dispute.  

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We'll have more as we get it...and..WE GOT IT:

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