Tuesday, November 29, 2016


As SOMEONE who has actually LOST his citizenship, mine was STRIPPED from me and my extended family and our ancestors by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians of Temecula, CA, run by Mark Macarro and aided/abetted by his Democrat Hillary Supporting wife Holly Cook Macarro,...Trump's statement offends me.

Lose your citizenship for expressing your 1st Amendment rights? No.    Get your ass kicked for burning our flag...maybe.

Can you name any American that has lost his citizenship in the last 50 years?

Native Americans STRIPPED of Tribal Citizenship explains what happens.  And you DO remember when the DRY CREEK POMOS looked to limit free speech, right?


Anonymous said...

Macarro et al. believe it's ok to strip natives of their rights! As long as his rights are honored! Apartheid, is okay as long as we have a shield to protect our actions. The stripped natives of their rights should move on and accept it. Welcome to Pechanga today

Anonymous said...

Macarro is a Chump all the descendants vote for him cause they think hes the Messiah. Same as Robert smith . Kick some asses what are people afraid of

Anonymous said...

@ 8:20 AM
You are right about your statement, it is time to show Maccaro and Smith that we are all tired of their shit and just kick their ass.
Robert Smith can not fight, he is a big pussy trying to be a man.
If he has any idea that someone wants to kick his ass he will run like a chicken shit little boy.
Instead of confronting him all anyone ever does is buy him drinks at the bar and make sure that his pants are pulled up.
He is nothing but a piece of shit dressed in mans clothes.
Everyone is afraid that they will end up like Bradley and Bruce did.
But there comes a time when people need to throw their fears out the window and say enough is enough and just go for the throat.
If you let it slide, like most are doing, it will never get any better only worse.
It's going to come down to either Take them out or get kicked out yourself. So a little ass kicking is in order before it comes down to something worse.