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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pechanga Terrorist and Corruptocrat, Native American Democrat Andrew Masiel Sr. DEFEATED In CA District 75:

Hopefully, WE had something to do with this.  No need to thank us.

With 43% of the votes counted, it looks like Rep. Marie Waldron made short work of Andrew Masiel Sr., which this blog came out against.  District 75 made a wise choice to go #NeverMasiel.  We'll have updated totals tomorrow.

Image result for Andrew Masiel images

Andrew Masiel Sr.
(Party Preference: DEM) 19,493 36.0%
*Marie Waldron
(Party Preference: REP)  34,611 64.0%

UPDATE:  The numbers held through the night:

Andrew Masiel Sr.
(Party Preference: DEM) 36,593 36.4%
* Marie Waldron
(Party Preference: REP)         63,811 63.6%


Anonymous said...

Give up Masiel. The tribe smell's of dirty crooks.

WeRone said...

The truth speakes louder than the corrupt always and forever and ever. Deny others of their rights is unconstitutional all the way around. Our ancestors love the truth that's how they were recognized. Live in a lie and disrespect our elders is not traditional in our customs and tradition. Wake up CCP


Hahahahahaha, Karma at its finest hour!
"Yup' Karma in its *Finest Hour*. Wait till " Mark Maccaro and His Boyfriend "Allen Lawson and his frauds..Get a taste of *karmas'* cold brew beer...:D! ha!

Anonymous said...

These guys are smoking gorilla mist?

Anonymous said...

Imagine Robert smith in congress? As corrupt as he is, a perfect politician lol. His favorite line. I do t have to show you evidence it's the truth because I say so.

Anonymous said...

Robert Smith and Donald Trump would give one another hands jobs while sharing corruption stories. And Mark Maccarro would watch while reading the Bible, masturbating and crying at the same time.

Anonymous said...

And Eric Garcia and Theresa Nieto would be by there side ready to lick up the floor.
Like they say, what you eat is what you are, A bunch of "DICKS".

Smokeybear said...

There is more pleasing to hehre he got his!

Anonymous said...

What about Holly, what is she going to do?

WeRone said...

Holly and ALL people can either ignore the TRUTH and disrespect our elders, or honor our existence and accept the TRUTH and allow ALL our people to have the same rights. Lifes lessons are hear for a reason. Our Ancestors fought for our rights, why would we allow others to ignore and shun their families.

Anonymous said...

When the Band speaks and the current tribal council ignores the band, who would want anything to do with that council? At Pechanga the Band is supposed to be the decision maker. The Band votes in a meeting "ALL current members meet membership and we accept them." After that meeting, tribal meetings stop and the council ignores the band and says an allotted family is going to be disenrolled no matter what the Band says. That is not what our Ancestors approved. The Band makes ALL the decisions. Why would you ignore custom and tradition? Face the Truth!

H Caulfield said...

One ignores the People when the love of power is protected by "sovereignty". They love that word like they love and swim in the white man's greed.

Anonymous said...

They real blood are such per cap pussies.

Anonymous said...

pick up your campaign signs you loser.I'm sick of seeing you loser name.

Unknown said...

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