Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tribe Tells Nooksack 306 Woman: You GET NO STINKIN' CIVIL RIGHTS

A Nooksack woman facing eviction from her home on tribal land was given a few weeks’ reprieve by a Nooksack Tribal Court judge Wednesday, but could still face a fight to stay there.   Her attorney, Gabe Galanda wasn't allowed inside.  After kicking the tribe's ass in court for years, they refuse to allow him in court.

Read about the NOOKSACK CIVIL WAR 

While Margretty Rabang was inside the court fighting eviction without an attorney, about 30 people gathered nearby at the railroad tracks where First Street meets Deming Road in Deming.

Most of those present were members of three families who have been facing disenrollment from the tribe since late 2012, who call themselves the Nooksack 306. Others there were supporters.

Read more at the Bellingham Herald and watch the VIDEO here:

“My sister deserves representation!” an emotional Deborah Alexander told the officers. “How is it going to be fair if she has no attorney in there, and they have other attorneys in there?”

“She’ll have appeal rights. She can appeal it,” Gilliland said.

“Are you kidding me?” Alexander asked.

Galanda and Dreveskracht asked how she was supposed to appeal if the tribe wasn’t currently recognizing its own court of appeals. Apparently, kangaroo courts don't need rule of law, civil rights, or even a hint of the constitution...

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Unknown said...

The video of my Aunty Margretty Rabang is proof that Bob Kelly and his itty-bitty and shitty faction holds NO RESPECT, NO MORALS, and pathetically desperate they claim their humble and all but WHY is it that.....they have no other Nooksack non-306s at these events to disenrolled my family?? Why is there NO supporters for BOB and Kelly faction ....why don't they have Nooksack Elders or even other members out there supporting them? on EVERY SINGLE Event actually EVERY STEP OF THE WAY WHY DON'T THEY HAVE THEIR PEOPLE OUT IN THE COLD RAIN .... I'LL TELL YOU WHY NOBODY OUTSIDE HIS ITTY BITTY FACTION SUPPORTS WHAT THEIR DOING. Listen hear my friends if WE SO AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BELONG AND BOB SAYS ALL TRIBAL MEMBERS ARE TELLING HIM TO DO THIS IS A DAMN STRAIGHT OUT LIE....cause if it were true.....there would be supporters from the other side...all they got is Tribal police and their there just to get paid. And our Fearless attorneys stood up to them making them accountable.