Tuesday, November 29, 2016

WHO BELONGS to Native Nations? Conference is Arizona on Tribal Kinship March 9-10, 2017

The list of attendees grows, with some heavy hitters including Dr. Matthew Fletcher, David Wilkins and Gabe Galanda.   CAN YOU ATTEND?



Anonymous said...

Please look into or speak about Pala Band of Mission who's Chairman Robert Smith refuses to give an answer of why or on what grounds he lowered tribal members blood degree and disenrolled many more. Even after repeated letters requesting paperwork or something show what he used to come to this decision other than "because I said so" or "take my word for it". Disenrollment is not entirely wrong if it does correctly and used as a vendetta and put in the hands of 1 or 2 council members.

Anonymous said...

Disenrollment IS wrong, there is no word for it in any Native language. Traditionally tribes "adopted" people in they NEVER disenrolled. You don't go back and dishonor the dead through disenrollment.