Wednesday, November 16, 2016

BIA LAWRENCE ROBERTS Refuses to Recognize Tribal Disenrollment Referendum of Corrupt NOOKSACK TRIBE

WELL NOW...BIA Director Roberts comes out BLASTING at CROOKED BOB KELLY of the corrupt Nooksack tribe.

Dear Chairman Kelly :

I have received your letter dated October 25, 2016. I want to reiterate that pursuant to our Nation-to-Nation relationship, the Department of the Interior (Department) will not recognize actions by you and the current Tribal Council members without a quorum consistent with the Nooksack Tribe's (Tribe) Constitution and decisions issued by the Northwest Intertribal Court System.

STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE  (sorry, that was ME, OP)

I reiterate that elections or actions inconsistent with 1) the Court of Appeals' Order of March 22, 2016, in Belmont v. Kelly; 2) the trial court's decisions of January 26, 2016, and February 29, 2016; and 3) Nooksack law will not be recognized by the Department. Finally, with regard to your request to meet, I have asked my staff to make arrangements to meet with you at Nooksack tribal offices or in the Regional Office in the near future. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

See the entire letter 


Toothache said...

Wow. Look at how the actions of one tribe are chipping away at all tribe's sovereignty when they do stupid shit. For those idle tribes that too concerned with stepping on anyone's toes for not standing against the actions of a few tribal government officials actions, l9ok at how it's destroying all tribal sovereignty, one piece of recognition at a time. Soon, the United States (The Department) will not recognizable ANY tribe's laws. Disenrollment corruption hurts responsible tribes.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

It looks like the BIA is getting a spine. This is as unlikely a statement as you can think of. The BIA has supported disenrollments throughout Indian Country on the basis of a policy of non-interference. Here the Acting AS-IA has committed to writing that actions outside of tribal law, in conflict with Indian Court of Appeals Decisions, committed by unelected leaders, threaten the government-to-government relationship between the tribe and U.S.

This does not infringe on the tribe's sovereignty. It does threaten the tribe's government-to-government relationship. It will be interesting to see if the BIA puts some teeth into this threat. How can the U.S. government fund a tribe that refuses to act in accordance with the government-to government relationship? It would be consistent with this threat to withhold any federal grants, funding for programs, or services to Nooksack in the face of a refusal to comply with the Acting AS-IA's instructions to conduct a fair election that includes the targeted members.

We will be watching closely to what happens next!