Friday, November 18, 2016

Native Justice: Letter To Senator John Barrasso, Committee on Indian Affairs Chairman, Asking For Field Hearings

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.   (Twitter: @IndianCommittee and @SenJohnBarrasso)  We NEED him to have hearings in Indian Country on the abuses of Native Americans, BY Native Americans.
Senator John Barrasso (R-WY)

The Wyoming Republican said when he took the leadership of the SCIA that he looks forward to working with others to pass legislation that helps improve the lives of people across Indian country.
Barrasso has already held field hearings in Wyoming and Alaska.  Let's ask him to improve the lives of Native Americans by seeking justice.

Here is a letter than you could send the chairman:

Senator John Barrasso
30y Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Main: 202-224-6441
Fax: 202-224-1724
Tollfree: 866-235-9553

Dear Chairman Barrasso,

A report by the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) referenced the fact that internal tribal disputes “seem to be occurring more and more frequently”. Such disputes have resulted in the disenrollment, which is the stripping of citizenship in one's own tribe, banishment, denial of membership, loss of voting rights, and/or denial of health/medical benefits of thousands of Indians, including children and elders.

In response to the growing number of these types of disputes, the GAO felt it was necessary and appropriate that nominees to the Secretary of Interior be asked how they would address such issues. Since most of the civil and human rights abuses have occurred under Democratic leadership, I believe it is also important to know how your committee will work with individual Indians in trying to resolve or prevent such disputes.

The TRUST RESPONSIBILITY of the United States Government is NOT just to the chiefs, chairmen and tribal councils, it's to all Native Americans, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs has failed to uphold the trust responsibility to the individual Indian.

Your role as Chairman should be to help facilitate (1) internal tribal disputes that harm Native  Americans and (2) the protection and preservation of individual Indians’ basic rights in internal disputes. The BIA has abdicated responsibility and are leaving it to the IBIA to overturn their decisions.  In fact, the BIA may be culpable in some of the misdeeds, as we've seen in the San Pasqual descendants issue, where Indian Affairs has allowed NON natives to control tribal interests.

In addition, do you believe that tribal sovereignty and the protection of basic individual rights are mutually exclusive of each other?  
Should sovereignty be wielded like a club to beat the weak and defenseless?  

I eagerly await your response to the questions raised above, and look forward to you setting hearings for California, where the majority of disenrollments have occurred and finding true justice for all Native Americans who have been harmed by their tribes.

Respectfully submitted,


Anonymous said...

Good letter, I added some personal stuff and sent mine. Thank you.

WeRone said...

Excellent letter, and unfortunate that Macarro and others believe it's ok to take others rights away because they think it's ok. Our Ancestors had to suffer through the creation of reservations, but they did and we are here! The band as a whole should be the decision makers, tribal law should be followed, custom and tradition should be honored. Werhere forever weRone